As the recreational cannabis market continues to grow I find more and more products to include in my daily routines that don’t just end up rolled into a blunt. I’ve replaced a lot of commercial products with their cannabis equivalent. And when I want to pamper myself I reach for one brand specifically, Honu Naturals. Honu Naturals body butter, frozen heat, face cream, and chapstick could all make it into your daily routines.

Across the board, Honu has an entire line of products to turn your bathroom into an at-home spa. I had previously written about their spa salts that turned me into a freshly baked cookie. That was right after I had torn a couple of muscles in my quad and I started using their Frozen Heat balm for my recovery. It was useful for calming muscle spasms and cooling down the inflamed areas. I still use it to this day.

Honu Naturals Frozen Heat

Cannabinoid Breakdown

THC: 180 mg
CBD: 0.47 mg

Between injuries and a workaholic personality, self-care gets put on the back burner. My daily routine turned into the most basic of hygiene rituals and Winter is not the time to skimp on things like skin care. Now that it’s spring and the layers of clothes have come off, it was about time I pampered myself.

I needed to pull out the big guns to quench my winter dry skin. Honu’s Body Butter is ultra-hydrating and packed with THC. It spreads easily on your skin and doesn’t leave a weird residue (common for all of their topicals). Plus it doesn’t even smell like weed, it smells like any other beauty product you’d find in a store.

Honu Naturals Body Butter

Cannabinoid Breakdown

THC: 314.3 mg

Top to bottom application with the butter has left my skin smoother than it’s ever been. Now when it came to my face, the stress of life has given me the most random and fattest pimples imaginable. Thankfully Honu had an unscented face cream that helped rejuvenate my neglected skin. After one application I noticed a massive reduction in the size of pimples!

Honu Naturals Face Cream

Cannabinoid Breakdown
THC: 275 mg
CBD: 22 mg

Habitual cottonmouth constantly leaves me with painful chapped lips. So to put the icing on the cake, I finished my entire pamper session with a scrub down on my lips and Honu’s chapstick. I literally dabbed it on my lower lip once and that was enough to coat my mouth and leave a pretty sheen. Instantly smooth and moisturized, I don’t know how I’ll live without it going forward.

Honu Naturals Love My Lips Chapstick

Cannabinoid Breakdown
THC: 30 mg

After using all of their topicals and spending an entire day with them, I feel like a new person. Try them out for yourself and let us know which is your favorite. You can even meet the Honu team at one of our upcoming events in either Portland or Seattle!