RMR started in Washington state and recently planted new roots in Texas. My team is here to support the Houston Hip-Hop culture, and when you talk about the culture you have to talk about the ones that paved the way for basically everyone in the music industry.

From DJ Screw to Michael 5000 watts, or even Rap-A-Lot Records owner J.Prince, the city of Houston has an unlimited supply of talent. We are seeing a new generation of young artists that are pushing the boundaries of classic Southern Rap and Trap music. The OG Houston artists you see below have inspired the music we hear today.

If you are ever “comin dïne” or “slidin threw” the city of Screwston, here are a couple artists you got to watch out for.

Slim Thug aka Boss Of All Boss

Slim thug started out with Swisher House then made his way to Interscope for a hot second. He then came back to the city as an independent artist and Boss of all Bosses. Follow all of his boss hogg moves on Instagram @hogglife101.

Z-ro aka King Of Tha Ghetto

Z-ro is the Houston version of Luther Vandross or Berry White. He has even been compared to Tupac for how much emotion he pours into his music and how it connects to your everyday life. Follow the MO City Don on Instagram @zromocitydon and stay connected to the king of tha streets.

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TRAE The Truth aka THA Truth

Trae speaks for the streets and always has. Even though Houston’s radio stations have banned his music, that didn’t stop him from thuggin or keep him from not signing to Grand Hustle alongside Atlanta’s T.I. See what Trae’s up to by following him on Instagram @traeabn.

Paul Wall aka The Po Up Poet

Paul Wall is definitely on the front line when it comes to the H. With all the tapes and mixes he has by himself and Chamillionaire, it’s really no surprise that he was seriously ready to buy the Astros team custom pairs of grillz after winning the world series. If you want to really get down with the Houston culture, he is also the plug for your own grill. Follow @paulwallbaby for more information!

KillaKyleon aka KillaMicTyson

Killa is the most underrated artist there is in Texas. His lyrics, word play, and how he delivers puts him in a league of his own. I dare you to pick any track or freestyle with his name on it.

DoughBeezy aka Beast Of The SE

Beezy is another slept on artist, but he doest sleep on himself. After overcoming a deadly situation, he came back with more music, a film, and also a city wide rap battle that is a breath of fresh air in the city.

Lil Flip aka The Freestyle King aka Flip Gate

First off, Underground Legend sums up Texas in the 90s and early 2000s. If i had to describe it in one word, masterpiece. Flip makes all kinds of moves and is a true artist.

SauceWalka aka Tha Kid That Did

Ooweee! SauceWalka with the help of the sauce family ushered in a new wave known as sauce. That has influenced a number of artist that brag about splashing and dripping sauce.

L.E.$ aka Mr. Steak&Shrimp

L.E.$ is an artist that lets his work talk for its self. With the release of The Catalina Wine Mixer, his 26th mixtape i might add, he is improving at an exponential rate.

Mr SteakxShrimp aka LE$ Releases 25th Mixtape "Summer Madness"

Bun B aka The Trill OG

Bun B, one half of UGK, R.I.P to the other half PIMP C, is a legend and hasn’t slowed down. Bun B along with Trae and many other members of the community are going out of the way to give back after hurricane Harvey that flooded the entire  City Of Houston 2 months ago.

Lil KeKe ake The Don

Last but never the least Don Keke. One of the original members of the S.U.C (Screwed Up Click) and most known for his freestyle skills, the way he blesses the mic is one of a kind. Keke as well as everyone else on this list are the definition of H-town, Screwston, and the City of Drank. Make sure to follow him on the gram here: @donke713

Lastly, mad respect and shout out to the whole city of Houston for coming together in our darkest hour. Shoutout to every Houston Hip-Hop artist who helped their brothers and sisters through the tough times these past months. We are 2017 WorldSeries Champs!!!


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