When you’re puffing on larger amounts of loud do you ever have the tendency to get “too high?” For some people, it’s as easy as being two-joints-deep before they start “greening out.” For others, they could breeze through a handful of blunts or more without breaking a sweat. Cannabis affects us all differently, and over time you can build up a hefty tolerance. As you’re amidst a casual smoke sesh do you ever take a moment to gauge the intensity of your high? Friends may jokingly say “how high are you on a scale of 1 to 10?” But do you ever take them seriously?

Consuming cannabis can potentially bring about massive levels of relaxation, increase/decrease your appetite, reduce bodily pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, the list goes on. All of this depends on the type of cannabis, as well as the person who’s consuming it. One strain may make someone feel more stimulated and creative, while it may make someone else just feel super hungry.

THC, terpenes and other cannabinoids all interact with our bodies in different ways with our endocannabinoid system to produce varying effects. From the user-experience side of things, we’ve put together a 1 to 10 scale of how high one could get, starting with 10.

How High Are You On A Scale Of 1 To 10?

10. *Red Alert* You’re Stoned To The Bone

You never know when you could be out enjoying a casual sesh with the squad when suddenly it hits you—you’ve become too stoned. Typically when you’re out in public this comes in the form of knowing that you straight up can’t handle yourself and that immediate removal is the only solution. Seek help from a friend if need be, but more than anything lie down in a quiet secluded place. This is beyond paranoia; this is knowing that nothing good can happen when you’re this high. You might start hearing things, or feeling a deep, gut-wrenching anxiety that something evil is coming. Drink water and watch nostalgic TV shows to help ease this condition.

How High Are You On A Scale Of 1 To 10? A User Experience Guide

9. Classic Paranoia

We all have a friend that gets caught in this vibe after ripping through a twaxed joint or blunt. They may tell you to close a window, or lock a door. This is the general feeling of uneasiness that can come from an especially THC-rich strain. Some people are more prone to feeling paranoid when they get too high than others, and it could have something to do with brain chemistry. But either way, if you have a friend that gets this way after a few too many puffs, remind them that our phones are already listening to everything we say. Just kidding. Put on some Stevie Wonder records instead, because nobody can resist the uplifting and reassuring musical stylings of Stevie.

How High Are You On A Scale Of 1 To 10? A User Experience Guide

8. Feeling Trippy

Sometimes near the apex of being stoned to the bone you get caught staring off into the distance briefly. Tunnel vision is a form of this condition, as well as seeing the tiniest bit of movement in your peripheral vision and believing that it is, in fact, a monster that has come from another dimension to spy on you. It’s better to find something holographic or shiny when you’re in this state and just zone out on how cool it looks.

7. Super Baked

This is a pleasant place to be, and it lets you know that whatever you’ve been smoking on has done its job thoroughly. You feel a euphoric wave passing over your body as it tickles your toes and tells you to keep sitting down. You might not be forming words super well at this point, but you’re still conversing with your friends pretty normally. But you catch yourself zoning out from time to time, and your phone screen is way too bright. This state of highness may lead to ordering a couple of pizzas.

How High Are You On A Scale Of 1 To 10? A User Experience Guide

6. “Damn, I’m High”

This is where you’re going to find yourself most often unless the weed is super dank. You’ll feel the pleasant euphoria of highness, and for some, it’s just right. It could be just enough to get you to take that nap, finish those leftovers, or get that paper done. Your mind is still working, but you’re aware that things are palpably hazy. On a scale of 1 to 10, this is arguably the perfect spot.

5. Pleased

This is the kind of high that’s great for when you’re around home and still trying to get stuff done. You’ll say to yourself “I’m definitely not not high—this is nice,” as you take out the trash, or maybe vacuum the living room for once. If you’re with friends, this is the joint you smoked before heading into the bar, or between acts at the show. You’re not crazy lit, but you’re less anxious about the other people around you, and you’re now willing to cut loose for the rest of the show. Food may be sounding really good right now.

How High Are You On A Scale Of 1 To 10? A User Experience Guide

4. High Enough

At this stage of highness you really can’t complain. You’ve taken a couple rips off of a blunt, or taken a decently-sized dab after work, and the world is suddenly less awful. You can now tolerate the drudgery of mundane life. This is a make-or-break point where you need to choose whether to smoke more, or chill on this satisfiable level of high. You know there’s an even better high waiting for you after a few more rips. It may vary depending on your situation, but either way, choose your fate!

3. Gettin’ There

You’re on a long break at work and you decide to rip your vape pen a few times, and suddenly there’s more of a pep in your step. This is the type of high that may be just what you need amidst a long day, we’re talking one hit off the pipe, or even an edible or two. Just enough to notice that you’ve got a nice little buzz going and it’s put you back in the right spirits is where this vibe lands. You might be ready to head into the restaurant now.

How High Are You On A Scale Of 1 To 10? A User Experience Guide

2. Not Sober

You’re feeling less anxious, and maybe there’s a little tingling in your brain. This is like taking a small rip off of a joint or blunt and stepping back and knowing what potential you’ve unlocked. This is where you know you’re not high really, but you see how high you could possibly get if you keep smoking. Many will say this is a nice spot where you may start feeling some sensations of euphoria or pain relief.

1. And the adventure begins…

First hit. Starting to feel less annoyed by everything. People seem less annoying. Body is hurting a little less. Feeling optimistic about the rest of your day. Yes, this could be it—the beginning stages of the joys of being high off of weed! On a scale of 1 to 10, this is just the start.

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