Have you ever wondered how much weed Snoop Dogg smokes? The Dogfather himself recently held a Reddit Q&A about his marijuana use. He answered questions about celebrities he’s smoked with and served up fun tidbits about his cannabis usage. A staggering stat came out in the session where Snoop professed he smokes 81 blunts a day, 7 days a week. That officially means Snoop’s full-time job is smoking weed.

I ran a rough calculation to get the math behind this claim. If Snoop does indeed smoke 81 blunts a day, and each blunt takes 6 minutes to burn. That would equate to 8.1 hours of inhaling per day!

Snoop may have thrown out a random number (81 blunts…how are you counting that?), but there is no doubt that Snoop smokes the majority of his day. Is he really puffing that strong though? How does one’s throat handle that much tobacco paper?

With the rise of the cannabis industry, we have seen a rise in cannabis celebrities. Established weed celebs are opening up stores, creating brands, and appearing at pot shop meet and greets. Users can now smoke the actual strains their favorite celebrities are smoking but can they smoke as much weed as Snoop Dogg and other celebs?

snoop dogg weed smoke

Rolling 81 blunts a day would require some serious patience and mileage on the hands so Snoop even hired his own personal blunt roller to help meet his quota. Don’t believe that? Watch him tell Howard Stern all about his favorite employee.

Highlights From The Reddit Q&A With Snoop Dogg

Q: Whats the longest you’ve gone without smoking?
A: 164 days
Q: Do you roll your own blunts or are they rolled for you?
A: Both
Q: Who’s better at smoking weed, Dave Chappelle or Dr. Dre?
A: Dave Chappelle!
Q: I’ve heard that you’ve said Willie Nelson is the only person who has out smoked you. Is this true?
A: Willie is 1 of tha greatest to do it!! Smokn n music
Q: Do you believe in the taxation of Mary Jane with legalization or would prefer to see it have little to no taxes?
A: Legalize it n if that means tax it then do it.
Q: On average, how much do you smoke in a week?
A: 81 blunts a day x 7

How Much Weed Does Snoop Dogg Smoke?

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