With the legalization of cannabis in many countries of the United States, people now clearly know – how much cannabis they can possess, under what conditions, what amount, the extent of use and also how many plants to grow per household and so on. This legislation of cannabis can satisfy a normal cannabis consumer, but to the citizens of one country who travel very often to other countries always have the dilemma of whether to carry cannabis along with them or not.

While traveling to another country, or even while staying in one’s own country, it is of utmost importance that a responsible citizen should obey the rules and regulations of that particular country. Failing to do so will end up in serious troubles involving the police and strict actions. This is why one needs to be careful while traveling abroad with cannabis. This article will provide some guidance on cannabis and international trade.

Before looking into the topic, let us now see what are the rules of the US and Canada regarding Cannabis.

How To Guide For Cannabis And International Travel#1 The United States of America

The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 prohibits the use and possession of cannabis for any purpose under the Federal Law. It classifies Cannabis as a Schedule 1 substance having a high chance of abuse and no accepted medical use. So, citizens cannot even use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

But the scenario is different when it comes to the laws pertaining to the states. It actually varies from state to state, 33 states have legalized medicinal-marijuana, which means the citizens can use cannabis for medicinal purposes with a doctor’s prescription.

The rest 14 states have laws controlling THC content, thus encouraging the use of cannabis products rich in CBD, a non-psychoactive component of cannabis.

Recreational use of cannabis is presently legal in 10 states. Other 13 states along with the US Virgin Islands have decriminalized recreational use. So, even though the federal laws prohibit possession and consumption of cannabis, Rohrabacher-Farr amendments prohibit legal persecution of individuals who comply with the state laws.

International Travel and Cannabis

With the knowledge of the stance of the United States and Canada, it is time to know the facts and rules that you should know before traveling abroad with cannabis. There is one basic thumb rule – rules and regulations differ from one country to another and the travelers have to abide by those rules. Let us see what restrictions what is the perspective of Canada on traveling abroad with Cannabis.

#2 Canada

Canada had prohibited cannabis use from 1923 to 2001 when she legalized cannabis use for medicinal purposes under the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. Later, with the Cannabis act of 2018, Canada became the second country in the world to formally legalize the growing, possessing, acquiring and consuming cannabis and its products.

Canada legalized cannabis use for recreational purposes only in October 2018. Canada treats cannabis very much like alcohol, imposing limits for home production, distribution, and consumption. By 2019, there are online vendors who have permission to sell cannabis and its derivatives in the country. Many stores also have started supplying cannabis to adults.

Getting into Canada

Though cannabis is legal in Canada, there is no change in the border rules. Entering Canada with cannabis or any of its products is illegal and can result in serious legal consequences.

This applies even to medical cannabis even if you are traveling from the countries which have legalized cannabis. So, this means whatever may be the circumstances, you cannot travel with cannabis into Canada.

If you happen to possess cannabis products while traveling to Canada, you should declare them to the Canada Border Services Agency. If you don’t, then you may have to face serious legal enforcement, including arrest and persecution.

Coming out of Canada

Same with the case of cannabis coming out of Canada. Definitely, cannabis is legal in Canada, but for use only inside the territory of Canada. Bringing in or taking out cannabis, even if the country you are traveling into or out of a country that has legalized cannabis in any form, be it phyto extractions or any other form, is not allowed.

In spite of the legalization of cannabis, cannabis is still illegal in many countries. So, the use of cannabis or any other substance prohibited by the law of the destination country.

Travelers should note that if they do not meet the entry requirements of the destination country, the Government of Canada will not interfere in such cases.

Travelers should do proper research about the rules of the destination country while planning the visit.

How To Guide For Cannabis And International TravelTraveling to the United States

Though many states in the United States have legalized cannabis, Federal laws prohibit the use and possession of cannabis in any form. So, it is illegal to bring cannabis across Canada-USA borders. This means that you can have your favorite black diamond strain just within the borders of your home country and cannot carry it to the USA.

Not only this, even if you have used cannabis in the past, you may be denied entry into the United States.

So, these were a few things you need to know about cannabis and international travel. Make sure you know the rules and regulations of the country you wish to travel to, in order to avoid legal problems and have a good travel time.

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