J.Pinder released a new single Lenore this morning, and boy is it getting a lot of good reviews already! This song is really well done and incorporates some nice piano and a great beat. Gotta say, this song has the makings of a big hit. Here is some more information on the track.

J. Pinder releases “Lenore” ft. Musiq Soulchild, the new single off his forthcoming mixtape entitled Careless Redux presented by DJ Skee. “Lenore” is J. Pinder’s unexpected take on Edgar Allan Poe’s dark classic, “The Raven.” J. Pinder and Musiq Soulchild teamed up with Kuddie Fresh at his Atlanta-based studio inspired to reinvent Poe’s poem about the universal torment and mournful sorrow felt for a greatest love lost.

Exploring the darkest corners of heart and mind, represented musically by piano riffs in minor key and larger-than-life synth and bass lines – both artists emote lyrically in rap and in song, applying each of their unique musical strengths into the soul of this powerful and mind-bending track.

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