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J. Stalin, Anthony Danza and Young Doe Stay 10 Toes Down For Hip-Hop On New Album | Word Around the Sound

Word Around the Sound is… J. Stalin, Anthony Danza and Young Doe have reportedly been linked to infamous organized crime hangout The Bergin Hunt & Fish Club. If seen, please call your homie and let them know that the allegations are true, and that the new album is as banging as they say it is. From the Bay to the Sea to the heights of Denver, these three artists are staying ten toes down standing on business for the West with this release.

The quality of the album from start to finish is impeccable. Everybody brought their best lyrical abilities to the table which was made from matured beats sourced from only the finest of producers on the market. Milo Eubank and Danza took those elements and balanced them out like the scales of justice to create a harmonious blend that is easy on the ears. They passed that along to D-Sane who then took their mix, amplified the sound and polished the album to sparkle and shine the way it does today. 

There are plenty of stand out singles like “Different,” “TPA” and “Day I Got That 9,” but for me, the deep cuts are always where the best verses lie; “2 The Money” featuring Smiggz is probably my favorite track on the whole project and it’s all the way towards the end. Truly, though, my favorite aspect of the album, above all else, is their collaboration with Seattle-based singer Tokara who brings a soft, soulful sound to round out the hard-hitting, throat-numbing lines being cut throughout the project.   

J. Stalin, Anthony Danza & Young Doe – The Bergin Hunt & Fish Club

J. Stalin, Anthony Danza & Young Doe – The Bergin Hunt & Fish Club

Oblé Reed – Retrovision EP

I’m pretty sure Oblé Reed plays for the Pacers because ever since he hit his stride as an artist, he’s kept that steady momentum with a constant stream of new releases, his most recent being the Retrovision EP. The seven-track project showcases the tremendous growth he’s had in the short time since his debut as an artist. Not only are there no skips, but every song is filled with clever lyrics and the power to stand on its own to make just as big of an impact as the project does as a whole. 

On top of a quality sound, the rollout for his project has been top-notch with a series of aesthetically pleasing music videos being released to accompany the EP. You can celebrate the Retrovision release with Oblé on Saturday, June 8 as he takes the stage at Madame Lou’s. The bill is STACKED, and tickets are only $18 in advance and $25 at the door, plus the show is all ages! 

J. Stalin, Anthony Danza & Young Doe – The Bergin Hunt & Fish Club

J’von – Purple Suit EP

J’von hit his third costume change of the year with the release of the Purple Suit EP. For this mission, it seems that J’von set out to make light-hearted tracks taking inspiration from his kids.  Although the EP sparkles with a childlike sense of joy, the reading level required to analyze his lyrics is far from Elementary. With a new color scheme and his signature flow, he flaunts his pen game with fresh and witty bars that still surprise my ears after all my years listening to his music. 

Anna Therese – Alchemical

Anna Therese recently released her latest EP, Alchemical, with production from Noah Coinflip. There is a swagger within the soulful production that gives a modern tone to Anna’s vintage jazzy, R&B vocals. The complexity of the instrumentals gives a sturdy foundation to support the strength of emotions coming through her vulnerable lyrics. 

On the track “Gone” Anna says, “I’ve been working on some things, I’ve been focusing on me, giving myself what I need because nobody can feel me like I do…”  I was listening to this project for the first time while I was watering my plants and painting and, honestly, it was a whole vibe. Afterwards, I felt more comfortable and confident being myself in my body and that’s the kind of empowering music I need for my playlist going into the summer.  

10 Thousand Rats – “Deer God” Music Video

Last year, 10 Thousand Rats debuted with their self-titled album. Recently, the duo dropped the music video for one of my favorite tracks on the album, “Deer God.” Drenched in humor, the video begins with an infomercial for a Limoncello beverage spiked with a little radioactive poison that turns Andy Savoie and Jesse Desean into rats who shred the city on skateboards. 

J. Stalin, Anthony Danza & Young Doe – The Bergin Hunt & Fish Club

Rell Be Free – “Beacon iLL” Music Video

Rell Be Free is back with a fresh music video titled “BEACON iLL.” Directed by Ezra Bantum of TAMBIA productions, the cinematic video has some super sick shots throughout that add to the dark tone of the track. As if he was scoring a movie, Noah Coinflip crafted the beat in a way that adds an underlying tension while Rell delivers an incredible, yet unsettling performance. 

Nate Jack x Na’ki – “Back in My Day”

In an homage to the Central District, Nate Jack and Na’ki linked up for their latest track “Back in My Day.” Reminiscing on what once was, both artists roll alongside the snare as they cruise through their verses with an easy breezy flow. Taking an anaphoric approach, the two incorporate repetitive bars that describe the way things were “Back In My Day.” 

2AM Radio – Pressure

Soulful R&B blends with trap beats in 2AM Radio’s debut mixtape Pressure. Previously known as Justin Hale, the artist behind the moniker decided to rebrand a while ago to reflect the growth in his artistry and more accurately portray the music he is making today. This mixtape showcases his ability to craft catchy hooks and relatable verses that are essential for capturing an audience in today’s saturated market. At the same time, he keeps his personality at the forefront which allows him to simultaneously blend into the popular music of today, as well as stand out from the crowd as a unique artist.

J. Stalin, Anthony Danza & Young Doe – The Bergin Hunt & Fish Club

Ralphy Davis – 3 Days In Houston EP

Ralphy Davis recently spent 3 Days In Houston and came home with an EP. The smoothed out soulful tracks brought a chilled-out side to Ralphy that shines in its simplicity. Although his delivery hasn’t changed much, his time in Texas gave him more of a casual, seemingly effortless approach that blends perfectly with the seemingly effortless beats produced by J2. With his previous release, Meet Me in Honolulu, and now 3 Days in Houston, I can only sit and wonder where Ralphy’s music will take us next.    

J. Stalin, Anthony Danza & Young Doe – The Bergin Hunt & Fish Club

Jang The GooN – GooN SHii VoL. 1

Right now, the Pacific Northwest is seeing a resurrection of the horrorcore genre and I consider Jang The Goon to be someone who sits on the fence, dangling his feet in that space. His debut project GooN SHii VoL. 1 is an intense blend of hip-hop and grungy, punk rock sensibilities that take us to the dark side of his world. Although he doesn’t get too violent or gory with his lyrics, the overall energy his music brings makes the heart race like you’re watching an exciting thriller. His performance is infectious, and the vibe will spread through you latching on to your psyche as if you were possessed. 

You can celebrate with Jang the Goon on Saturday, June 8, at his GooN SHii VoL. 1 EP release party at The Chameleon in Spokane, WA. Tickets start at only $15 with doors opening at 8pm for those 21 and over.  

J. Stalin, Anthony Danza & Young Doe – The Bergin Hunt & Fish Club

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