Jameson Hunt has been taking lo-fi bedroom beats to the next level. His first EP release “Stories In My Head” is a voyage of sounds. Jameson, a Burlington Vermont native, is an endless fountain of creativity. His beat style, interestingly enough, comes from intuitive sounds and noises that are heard every day in his house.

A sound collector of sorts, Jameson often uses inanimate objects to create original backbeats, jingles, and basslines. Whether it’s shaking a jar of thumbtacks, drumming with pencils and cups, or just playing around with vocal effects, Jameson’s approach to music is super experimental yet completely inspiring. 

“Moon Child” lets Jameson show off his mixing skills while maintaining splashes of his warm vocal tones in between. He takes your expectations as a listener and flips them upside down. Hunt guides you beautifully through catechisms of deep wavy bass. Jameson will lead you to an entire new room of surprise grooves. He’ll do this right when you think you know where the melody is going.

Jameson Hunt

Jameson Hunt is a well-seasoned producer constantly cycling through tense build-up and it’s inevitable dream-like release. In track 4 of 5, “Dojob4,” begins with an improvisational sounding groove that feels like a sponge absorbing moisture. It keeps growing as he introduces additional layers and delayed effects. 

The intention beneath ‘Stories In My Head,” was to gather bits of his life experience and translate them into frequencies that can be heard and felt. Taking from memories and the rise and fall of emotion, Jameson pulls from his archive of thought for this EP. One could say that his music is a co-creation as he takes inspiration from his relationships with himself, his friends, and the natural world. 

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