Spokane-based rapper Jango has dropped a new video for his song “Legacy”, featuring Kung Foo Grip. While it’s no hidden secret that the Pacific Northwest is loaded full of talent, Jango and Kung Foo Grip are quickly rising to the top of the PNW rap game.

“Legacy” is bound to be a hit simply due to the lyrical and rhythmic excellence displayed on the track. While it’s an accomplishment in itself to spit a large amount of bars like Jango does for his verses, the most interesting aspect of his work is his rhythmical complexity. For his verses at the beginning of the track, Jango opts to have a triplet-based flow that syncs perfectly with the higher end of the instrumental. This rhythmic excellence ties the flow of the rap perfectly to the flow of the track, resulting in a beautifully cohesive experience.

Kung Foo Grip’s feature on “Legacy” is a perfect match for Jango’s quick rhythmic tendencies, as they bring abrasive and hard-hitting lines to the track that complement Jango’s style. After Kung Foo Grip’s feature, the rappers move away from the triplet-based flow Jango used in the beginning of the track. Instead, the artists finish the track using two-beat rhythms mixed with strong and confident punchlines. Kung Foo Grip’s aggressive delivery works just as well with the instrumental, as it creates a large lower end with a light synth heard up above.

Throughout the song, all artists address the aspect of maintaining a legacy while building their careers. The video uses several DeLoreans (the time-traveling car from the classic film Back To The Future) as a subtle visual tool to represent the concept of the future. This visual cue points to the underlying theme of leaving a legacy, and how Jango and the artists of Kung Foo Grip will be seen in the context of future generations. The lighting and color effects used in the filming of the video evoke a uniquely retro feel, with heavy use of 80s-type neon pinks and purples for many of the scenes.

“Legacy” shines in both the context of the lyrical message and delivery, blending the best of two incredibly talented PNW artists into one work of art. The visuals round out the messaging in a memorable way, solidifying “Legacy” as a high-energy hit. Check out the video below!

Jango Feat. Kung Foo Grip – “Legacy”

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