Jason Innocent represents more of an experience than one medium of art. His latest lo-fi visual “Car Play” is yet another great addition to his oeuvre. The Brooklyn-based artist has come of age and found his voice in several mediums, including drawing. This simple animation loop he’s given us speaks to his minimalistic style of art.

An interesting work features a list of names and 2 literary titles. Among these names is Jack Kerouac, whose On The Road is crossed out, while The Subterraneans remains beneath it, perhaps showing as a truer novel. Or, maybe The Subterraneans is being used to refer to both William Burroughs and Janis Joplin as well as Kerouac. This would unite them all together as the Beat Generation. Does Jason mean he’s a pawn in their game? Are we all pawns in their game?

Car Play features a heavily relaxed style both auditorily and visually. Featuring a repeating loop of driving and smoking, the beat progresses forward with open, dripping, and luxurious chords. A punchy drum accompanies the synth to give weight to the open space. We end up with an endlessly listenable track.

Between Mac DeMarco and Special Herbs, Jason has hit onto a whole mood. With a confident sense of pacing, and a competent mastery over his sounds he’s one to look out for. This simple loop could easily sit in the background while you study or cruise.

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Past “Car Play,” Jason Innocent and His Commentary

Although “Car Play” features no vocals, Jason is a visionary in his work. Through both film and visual media, he explores the reality of urban life, through life in New York City to the experience of being Black in America. Cleverly interpreting familiar symbols in new ways, and also through talking on the street about concepts such as love, Jason’s got his style down. Make sure to check out his short films to truly engage the world this talented voice is building. 

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