Jayden Panda is a well-known music artist and member of Italian YouTube collective, Mates. He sat down with Respect My Region recently to talk about his latest single, “This Time.” The track featuring Celine Farach and Emmy award winner, Matluck, has already seen over 2 million views on YouTube in just a month.

Without completely coming forward to introduce his true identity, the concept of Jayden Panda has gotten him over 265,000 loyal fans on Instagram. The sky has been the limit for the Pop and EDM crossover star.

On the other hand, the Italian YouTube collective Mates have established themselves online by amassing a whopping 15-million combined social media following. Check out our wonderful interview with Jayden below!

Jayden – This Time feat. Celine Farach & Matluck

Exclusive Interview With Jayden Panda

(This interview was edited for clarity)

RMR: After releasing your official video for “This Time” which features Celine Farach & Matluck, how does it feel to know your video has been seen over 2 million times?

Jayden Panda: I am so incredibly happy with the result but this is only the beginning. People still don’t really know me yet, or the potential of my music or shows. I’m not in a hurry but I am eager to get more music out there and show people what else I have to offer.

RMR: With that being said, what could we expect from you in the near future? 

At the moment I am working on some very interesting official remixes. All are very different from each other but they really represent me. Other than that I am working on my next single, which I’m aiming to release in June. Together with my team, we are also working really hard on my upcoming shows, I want my live shows to be really unique and completely different from what people see in clubs and at festivals.

RMR: How did the music video come about? I heard that it took 10 days to shoot and another 10 days to edit. 

JP: Yes, it took a while! I am part of the Italian Collective Mates and we absolutely love to make videos. So we chose to make the official music video for “This Time” independently. Telling a story through the music video is really important to me and so I really wanted to implement that in this music video. 

RMR: How was it to work alongside vocalists Celine Farach and Matluck?

JP: This was my first experience of working with them and it was not an easy one, as we had to work entirely through FaceTime for the track. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them, though, and was great to have them come to Milan to shoot the video with me. 

RMR: Do you have any traveling or touring planned?

JP: Right now we’re focusing on production and the music, once I’ve finished the next few tracks I’d like to have a couple shows lined up so we can test out our ideas for the live shows.

There will definitely be an event in Milan on the June 1 and we are evaluating other dates, including a potential date in Japan in April. But, as I said we are in no rush at the moment.

RMR: You’ll have to tell the readers that are just tuning in to Jayden Panda for the first time a little bit about how you’ve become a Panda.

JP: Together with Mates we came up with the best in line character for what we wanted to share and we think that the Panda is crazy and cool enough to do just that. We now want to enhance the costume and make it even more awesome!

RMR: What sparked your interest in becoming an icon and dj? Where did you first get your start?

JP: I’ve been following EDM for forever and took part in many festivals around the world as a fan and I’ve always dreamed of stepping on the stage one day. Music is one of my passions and, together with Mates, we love to create crazy projects.

RMR: I know you’re involved with Youtube and obviously music, but where do you see things going in your future? 

JP: I’m almost certain that music will be my future. I find that Youtube and other social networks are a great way to express myself and what I am capable of but music is a passion of mine. That is why I love music videos so much, because I’m able to combine my two interests and really get the my message and story across. 

RMR: Good luck with everything moving forward, when could we expect a visit from you in Seattle, Washington?!

JP: I’ve been to the States many times but never to Seattle. Really hope I can come visit as soon as possible!

Be sure to catch up with Jayden Panda on Instagram! In the meantime, check out his latest single, “This Time” featuring Celin Farch & Matluck. Also, stay tuned for more content from his YouTube collective, Mates!