Atlanta has become a mecca for hip-hop artists to take up residence in and subsequently level up their careers. This much could be said of 22-year-old Chicago rapper Jaquez Hailey aka Jayy Queezy. Single-handedly he’s been grinding and essentially building his own platform. Since his first tape in 2015, Jayy has made huge leaps in his career. Both an artist and master of social media.

Since the inception of Jayy’s career, his music has seen heavy influence from the trap music scene in Atlanta. After linking with local engineer Dirty P via Chief Marco at Arrogant Fame productions, it became clear that Jayy had serious industry potential. This led him to widen his variety of styles to include popular genres. Most of the groundwork Jayy put down was in Chicago. All the while though, he was flying out to Atlanta to secure bigger moves. It then only makes sense that he’s formally made the city his home within the last year.

Jayy Queezy Talks Mastering Social Media And The Best Way To Drop New Music

I had a chance to link up with Jayy Queezy over the phone to discuss some of his masterplans. We also had discussions on his influential artists, the music scene in Atlanta, and utilizing social media tools to keep fans hungry.

Jayy Queezy Exclusive Interview

*Interview Edited For Clarity

What Made You Leave The Chicago Scene In Favor Of Atlanta?

Jayy’s only really made Atlanta his home in the last year or so, and made several comments on the compounding reasons that ultimately led him to move. He said, “I was originally doing what I felt like I was supposed to be doing as a Chicago artist, and it was more of a process.” Jayy went on to say that “Gingerella was one of my first ones that was different and original, and “Paint” was one of my songs that got me popular on Soundcloud.” Concluding, he said, “but that’s what I felt like I should’ve been doing.” “I’m grateful for the stuff I have done now in 4 years, but I do believe that the right video at the right time can blow someone up.”

He went on to say that “I need to evolve to get people’s minds off those songs and challenge myself.” Jayy told me about the box he felt stuck in while trying to grow in Chicago’s new wave rap scene. How a lot of artists practice exclusivity more than inclusivity once they get a little shine. In regards to moving to Atlanta, he said: “I ended up moving here to elevate my career.” Check out this interview Jayy did last year talking about the trials and tribulations of growing up on the Southside of Chicago.

Who Are Some Of Your Biggest Influences?

Jayy told me about how much he saw inspiration from Fetty Wap. “Fetty Wap was one of my biggest influences because he was from the hood and went major with singing.” He told me that “my original inspiration was from like, Michael Jackson and Lil Wayne.” But, “Fetty inspired me to follow my own lane.” Here’s a collab that Jayy actually got to do with Fetty this year.

He made comments about some shade people have thrown on him for broaching more emotional content, saying “I’mma make what I wanna make and the fans want emotional stuff so that’s what I’m gonna give ‘em.” He said “I give people the happy music and the sad.” Concluding, Jayy said “I don’t try to put up my city anymore with my music, I try to reach the world and make people feel shit.”

What Song Has Gotten You The Most Attention?

Jayy Queezy has been steadily dropping singles with dope anime fight scenes fueling their independent success. Last year he put out a cut under the name “Soul Eater,” that’s still getting ample streams. Jayy said that it got “20-40,000 streams on Spotify alone last month, sometimes I just be surprised that people still love it.” With plans to drop his final mixtape “Queezy” before seeking out a major album release, Jayy told me that “with me it’s all about the perfect timing.”

What Online Tool Is Growing Your Career The Fastest? How Are You Helping Other Artists Grow?

Instantly Jayy said “consistency is my biggest tool, I try to always post to let my fans know I’m always working; making music, or promoting.” He brought up Instagram, stating that “I try to stay active on IG, if I don’t get on IG for a while, my weekly viewers go down.” Concluding, he said “my fans just wanna see me active.” 

“I try to be accessible,” Jayy said about giving other artists exposure on his IG page that has over 26,300 real followers. “I give upcoming artists a chance to get shine on my IG, or they can pay me to get advice.” He went on to say that “I really started from the bottom, and there aren’t a lot of stations out there supporting artists.” 

Jayy Queezy Talks Mastering Social Media And The Best Way To Drop New Music
Have You Been Approached By Any Labels?

“I’m still completely independent, but two labels reached out,” one of which he said was Atlantic Records. Jayy went on to say that he’s also “had a little sit down with someone from Epic, and Def Jam, but we’ve never drawn up any contracts or offers yet.” “Two labels said we see the potential, but you’re not there yet.” In closing Jayy said “For me, I haven’t been desperate enough yet, and I want to get up there on my own.” Adding on, he said “after 2017, I decided I want to do my business my way and go from there.”

What Are Your Plans For The Rest Of This Year?

Jayy Queezy is staying heavy on his grind throughout the rest of 2019. He made mention of new singles coming out, new music videos, and even some shows. He told me he’s currently accepting bookings again, after getting everything correct with his studio assets in Atlanta. “The next tape will be a lot of different sounds including Pop, EDM, and Alternative.”  

Jayy also told me that he’ll be dropping a 3-track EP under the name of “Traumatic Love,” before the release of his “Queezy” mixtape. “Everything’s going to be packaged and released in July-September,” Jayy told me excitedly over the phone. “I’m back focused on big projects, and shows; there’s going to be a big move and I’m ready for it.” 

Feast your eyes on the new single he just put out with Kil with a dope Naruto fight as the backdrop named, “No Drill Shit.” Don’t sleep on the one-man army of content and mastermind moves that Jayy Queezy has in the works. 

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