Jefe is a Chicago artist who says it like it is and airs out all his thoughts on his track “No Time.” A melodic beat with high pitch keys really standing out throughout the track and a low baseline to even it all out. With lyrics that speak the truth, our genius on this track creates a hood/trap type banger that can resonate with many people out there. Right away Jefe plays to the theme being set with his title “No Time” by saying…

“I don’t really got time to be busy
Had to make sure you know this
I don’t fuck around with too many
Baby, excuse my French”

Jefe The Genius – “No Time”

This opening bar alone is enough for just about anyone to feel like they can relate to this track. We have all had periods of time where we are busy. So busy we just straight up don’t see many people and when we do it’s a select few. It’s not always a personal thing though. Which he shows with that last line “excuse my French.” Because no one’s saying sorry for cursing to someone if they don’t like them. What I like about this quick opening bar is that Jefe is rapping and being serious about the topic. But that last line at the end shows he’s still showing personality and having fun in his music. That keeps an infectious feeling throughout his songs.

Jefe The Genius – “No Time”

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