Kanye West has made more headlines in the past year for his Twitter triads than he has his music. Even after a successful year producing acclaimed projects with the likes of Pusha T and Kid Cudi, Ye can’t stop tweeting long enough to remind everyone that he’s one of the most talented music producers and creators of our time.

Many of West’s Twitter storms these days revolve around politics, Donald Trump and black voters. West has become a loud Trump supporter, rocking a red MAGA hat on the regular, and tweeting “from now on I’m performing with my mutherfucking hat on.” West believes that Trump isn’t as bad as everyone thinks, and believes that black voters need to give him a chance because the democratic party isn’t going to help black issues as they’ve promised over the years.

West has publically struggled with his mental health over the years, claiming his bipolar disorder is a creative superpower, but only when he’s off his meds to keep his mind clear. Another side-effect of West’s creative mind is confusing and questionable tweet storms and media appearances that leave his fans annoyed, confused and angry.

Enter Joe Rogan who has quietly become the face of new media and one of the most popular broadcasters in entertainment. The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast has garnered billions of listens in its 10-year lifespan. Rogan’s guest list is diverse, to say the least, attracting everyone from comedians to philosophers and astrophysicists. His platform is built on honest long-form conversations. Rogan doesn’t have an agenda or a partisan stance he wants to jam down listeners throat, he just explores ideas in an honest way. Conservatives, liberals, atheists,  scientists, entertainers, and provocateurs have all had enlightening conversations with Rogan.

West’s Twitter rants have become the topics of conversation on the JRE podcast and Rogan has extended an invitation for West to speak his mind, for as long as he’d like. Rogan is a giant proponent of long-form conversation and believes the watered down hyper-edited cable television format doesn’t do anything but muddy the intellectual waters even further.

Well, West appears to agree with Rogan and has made a verbal agreement to appear on the JRE sometime in the near future.

Rogan’s response was simple.

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2019 coming in hot!

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And the internet is having a blast with this potential meetup of these gargantuan pop culture icons.

Kanye West + Joe Rogan = Meme Bliss

There’s no release date for the podcast and there’s no way to be sure West will come through. But it seems that the JRE platform would be the best place for West to talk about his mental health issues, air his gripes with the media, and whatever else he wants to talk about.