The stage in LA is set for DayDream Festival on the 19th, and we at RMR are thrilled to be involved and paint a portrait of one of our favorite performers, Johnny Drama. The Long Island native will be rocking a mean set down at Union in essentially a week! This will be RMR’s first event down in Los Angeles thanks to the hustlers at Wavestation. Here’s everything you need to know about this 22-year-old with an arsenal of tricks up his sleeve.

Suffolk County resident, John Sammis AKA Johnny Drama, has been busy. Between racking up millions of Soundcloud plays, dropping his first full-length albumand inking record deals in LA—I’m curious…what’s this kid up to? His Soundcloud and Apple Music only boast content starting from 2015, so how is he moving so quickly? Let’s do some digging.

RMR x Wavestation Present: Johnny Drama At DayDream Fest 6/19The first thing that pops out at me—dude’s got a song with Lil Skies. Based on the internet’s obsession with Skies, I’m immediately curious what kind of connections Drama’s got tucked in his back pocket. Next is that the kid has plays! Any of Drama’s videos are boasting serious views, his total Soundcloud plays well over 4 million. These are numbers you cannot scoff at; this dude’s got fan base. Let’s get into the music itself.

The sound is poppy, catchy, clean, and bouncy as hell. Big time booms and baps over some real wavy synths and samples. It gets me bopping and leaning at the same time, with those auto-tuned melodic bars. Drama highlighted in a past interview that a big shift in his sound came after finding a resonating love for the one-and-only—Chief Keef.

He liked that Keef came in hard on the production and content, but would bust out the auto-tuned melodic line on the hook. That contrast of a pretty melody over a fat drum and snare is extremely prevalent in the hip-hop of today. Drama is finding the perfect formula, not only in his lyricism but also in his beat production. Drama does it all. With an existing spot on the roster at J$tash’s Relax Rekords, his moves will likely be huge in the coming year.

Cop your tickets here and look into some of the other big-time talent taking the stage at DayDream Fest in the near future!

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