If you grew up on hip-hop like me, The Diplomats hogged spots on your playlist. The Dipset crew quickly rose to fame and birthed a whole generation of copycats that hung onto every soul sample flipped. JR Writer may have been the young’n of the group back then, but he’s a grown man now. Losing It showcases lyricism that should be of no surprise to long time fans over a gospel beat that sounds like Jake One linked with Just Blaze.

Cam’Ron, Juelz Santana, and Jim Jones were the forefront for one of the most influential movements in hip-hop history and JR Writer was the nuclear sub of the group. Playing the underground for many years, he consistently popped up with singles and mixtapes littered with metaphors and more bars than the prison cell he was sentenced to in 2014. JR split from the Dipset camp many years ago to pursue his own crew imprint, Writers Block, but he’ll always have a place as the lyricist on one of hip-hop’s most prolific groups.

New York rap has been taking heat for many years, jocking the sound of every other area on the map. It’s good to see cat’s like JR still putting on for their city with classic material like this. Go slap it 3x.

JR Writer – Losing It


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