J’Von’s discography is like a video game and his album, Dream Surfer, is the latest DLC. This expansion pack includes 10 new quests for your ears to complete. All of it produced by J’Von himself, from the rhymes and the beats to the filthy ass album artwork.

Listening to J’Von is pure bliss. He’s able to capture the feeling of childhood innocence in his daydream-esque instrumentals. As you float in the nostalgic ambiance, his soft and comforting vocals speak on relatable grown-up topics like love, relationships, and personal development.

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Included in the Dream Surfer expansion is a music video for the track, “Loverboy Castle Music.” The video definitely takes place on The Empty Planet considering all we can see is J’von serenading his leading lady in front of a white background. With nothing to distract you, the main focus becomes the genuine happiness that oozes from this video.

Watch J’Von in “Loverboy Castle Music”

Quick Thoughts on the Slaps

As if you just put the disc in the tray and pressed the start button, Surf1000 begins like the opening theme song to Dream Surfer.

In Mission Start, you can hear J’Von continue to collect coins as he fires off bar after bar. The transitions on this album are noticeably smooth like his voice, like when Loverboy Castle Music starts. I vaguely remember seeing somebody on Twitter, say that this song and the music video together look like a really nice GAP commercial. They’re not wrong, it’s better than any commercial of theirs that I’ve seen.

Now, Ropechain is like the rap equivalent of a gymnastic floor routine. J’Von starts to tumble, flipping and twisting his lyrics until finally slowing down to stick the landing.

Then, the waves get choppy as Thundersurfer starts the stormy portion of this journey. Delivering a flood of heavy rhymes and dropping you off calmly at the shores of the next track.

Water Lvl 9 sounds like what Kanye’s 808’s & Heartbreak would sound like if it was recorded in the Water Temple with Link sitting in as the resident engineer. If there was a boss fight in this journey, I feel like it would be now.

J’Von broke out his xylophone for No More Toys as he hypnotizes you into a trancelike state. This is the point in the journey where you didn’t bring enough Health Potions to the boss fight, you die, and have to restart. Then you come back with a vengeance.

In the slowed down sequel, Loverboy Castle Music Pt. 2, J’Von goes deeper into the subject of love and relationships.

Red Beanie begins the final stretch of the journey. This is the point where J’Von is fully in his zone, rapping his way through any obstacle that might get in his way.

After successfully making it to the end of the journey, all I can do is leave you with a few bars from J’Von from the final track, Ur Not Around Anymore.

“…too damn extravagant

peanut butter jelly in a Ziploc with the plastic zip.

Hold your gold chain by the clasp of it.

You ain’t even seen the last of it.

Fuck all that shit

Let’s just get back to the black of it.

The love made him good

I’m better cause the lack of it.”

J’Von at Barboza May 17th

J’Von will be celebrating the release of his album, Dream Surfer, at Barboza on May 17th. MistaDC and Samurai Del will be joining him. Tickets are on sale now for $15. [Click here to buy]

J'Von DLC Expansion Pack: 'Dream Surfer' Includes 10 New Tracks

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