Kaash Paige has an emotionally-charged new single out called “Jaded.” Within the last year alone, she’s blown up with song releases such as “Love Songs” and “Heartbreaker.” The hustle she’s put into her music isn’t going unnoticed. Her latest single “Jaded” is bound to receive notable critical acclaim. Her smooth and heartfelt vocals elevate her single, and will most definitely hit the feels for any R&B fan.

With her single “Jaded,” she hits the vibe especially with the line “I’m fucked up right now thinking about you” is a testament to the lyrical creativity and her vocal complexity throughout. From start to finish, her strong and confident vocals through the varying melodic lines she presents obtains many musical layers. The soulful and emotional vocals she shares throughout highlights the pinpointed production underneath as well. From the diverse set of sounds the production provides, it only enhances the overall delivery and meaning of her vocals.

There is no question that Kaash Paige has something to offer for every music fan. With her new single “Jaded,” her vocal performance is something that cannot be missed. If you’re unfamiliar with her somber and moody music, it’s time to wake up.

Kaash Paige – “Jaded”