Kehlani has released her music video for “Everybody Business,” which is also highlighted by being filmed in quarantine. The 24 year-old hitmaker has worked with some of the biggest names in music and escalated to new heights especially in the past few years. The strength of her voice combined with a vast note range makes her one of the most versatile singers in the music industry. With her latest single, she proves this once again.

Her single “Every Business” is a Pop/R&B ballad that showcases her vocals with a stripped down instrumental. Aside from a drum set with the guitar and bass driving the track, the rest is mainly left for her vocals. In the past we’ve gotten to hear her voice on so many different songs and styles. With that, Kehlani continues to show her stylistic flexibility.

The simplicity of the song musically is also reflected in the visuals. Kehlani can be seen in different settings around her house and neighborhood. From relaxing on the grass to singing with a microphone by her driveway, she is definitely making the most out of quarantining. While she tends to work with hip-hop artists, she stays more in the realm of R&B for this song. She’s doing her thing, and her latest song and video definitely demands a listen.

Kehlani – “Everybody Business”