Kellie Rose is back with a brand new single titled “I’m Fine” featuring Jake Crocker. For those who aren’t familiar with her music, last year she released her single “Before” featuring Christian Burghardt that received notable acclaim.

With “I’m Fine,” she’s teamed up with Seattle producer Jake Crocker. There is no question that they don’t make a great duo. Her versatile vocals mixed with Crocker’s crisp and polished production create a sound that is elevated from her previous releases.

The song is epic, to say the least. Rose’s vocals soar over Crocker’s huge production. You’ll hear crisp melodies from Rose glide on the swelling synths and bombastic drum fills. This is truly a match made in heaven when it comes to a vocalist and producer complimenting eachother’s styles seamlessly. Listen below.

Kellie Rose – “I’m Fine”

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