If it feels like you’ve been hearing about Travis Thompson and Keshawn A LOT lately, you aren’t wrong… but that’s what happens when you’re working nonstop! This can be seen with Travis flaming freestyles on national radio shows and announcing his YOUGOOD? Tour/his special homecoming show at the Showbox on December 21st. In addition, with Keshawn dropping visuals for not only “150k”, but also coming through with his best video yet for his new single “Ron Burgundy.”  These two young Seattle princes are demonstrating what it takes to stand out in a city like Seattle.

While these two have been relentless on their own grinds in 2018, it looks like they finally found some time to merge their rising campaigns and work on new material together! On Tuesday, they were spotted collaborating on a new track at Clatter and Din recording studio. I was lucky enough to sit in on the session and oh man do they got a gem. With Travis’s eccentric delivery and ability to pull lyrics directly from his personal life and Keshawn’s knack for crafting dynamic beats to match his melodic style, the resulting fire was inevitable. It’s been awhile since two Seattle powerhouses have come together to deliver us an anthem and we should all be very much here for it. Considering the year both of these artists have had, I can only imagine this track doing wonders to continue to push Seattle hip-hop on the radar of the masses.

For some of their latest offerings, be sure to check out their killer visuals. As mentioned earlier, Keshawn released the video for “Ron Burgundy” last week and whether you’re a fan of humor in your music videos or a fan of beautiful women, he has you covered on both fronts. Uploaded to Elevator’s YouTube account just last Friday, “Ron Burgundy” already has over 13k views! Check out why Keshawn has been on the up-n-up this year and get a taste of his musical versatility by peeping the new video below. 

Keshawn – “Ron Burgundy”

Travis’s latest video takes a more theatrical route. Opting to turn his album into a movie, Travis and his team released YOUGOOD? An Ambuam Film in the middle of summer. Before the short film was uploaded to YouTube, Travis actually rented out a local movie theatre to give his fans an optimal viewing experience (yeah, pretty baller).


Travis Thompson – YOUGOOD? An Ambaum Film

If you’re not too familiar with one of these budding artists, no need to be ashamed, you just definitely need fix that ASAP. Travis released his stellar studio album YOUGOOD? earlier this year, as did Keshawn with his first studio EP titled Black Heart Gang. Both are available on the major streaming services so be sure to get tapped in to two of the rappers that have done a lot in regards to advancing the Seattle hip-hop scene this year.


Travis Thompson – YOUGOOD?

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Keshawn – Black Heart Gang

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As both of these artists continue to reach new heights, whether its playing historic venues or hitting certain streaming numbers faster than ever, its key that the city they so badly desire to put on reciprocates that same energy. Be sure to continue to show support by streaming their newest videos and projects and keep a look out for the banger that they just layed down! We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any news regarding its release. In the meantime, enjoy watching their organic ascension to bigger spotlights and appreciate that they’re bringing the city along for the ride.

* Photos of Travis and Keshawn were provided and shot by Steve Arcenio. Find his socials at @dir.steve*