In the new year we can finally expect the epic unveiling of Kid Cudi’s two-fold Entergalactic experience, per Complex. This will be a series/album joint release through Netflix that has none other than Black-ish creator Kenya Barris working as an executive producer. In one of the newest episodes of Complex’s “Watch Less” podcast that they do during ComplexCon festivities earlier this month, Barris shed some light on the production.

Barris said that Cudi is truly someone who has “created his own lane” by addressing taboo topics in rap such as depression at the time of his ascension. He went on to say that “it’s the craziest thing in terms of TV. It’s the most ambitious thing. It also shows who he is as an artist. So, he came in…and I wanted him to do something with my daughter at school and he was super cool and did something for my daughter. But we just started talking about him and I’ve just been a huge Cudi fan forever.” 

Kenya Barris Talks Entergalactic At ComplexCon

Kenya Barris goes on to talk about his love for Cudi based on his emotional content. “He was one of the first rappers to sort of start talking about mental illness, his sort of depression,” Barris said. He went on to say the two found out they’re both huge fans of animation and how “that notion of animation lasts forever.” The series portion of the Entergalactic album on Netflix aims to give each track a full backstory.

“The idea of there’s never been an album and a series dropped at the same time, so each song will have a 30-minute narrative that kind of explains what that song is about and it’s a love story . . . It’s a youthful love story told through Cudi’s music,” he said.

There’s going to be an incredible amount of high profile features throughout Entergalactic. Some of the names fans can expect to see include Dot Da Genius, Gucci Mane, and Ty Dolla Sign. If you would like to listen to the full episode of the interview on Complex’s Watch Less podcast head here.

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