Meet legendary hair care mogul Kim Chapman. Already recognized as a legend in the beauty industry, Kim looks to catapult herself to other avenues sharing the knowledge and wisdom she has obtained in hair care.

Following is a simple motivational motto that entrepreneur, Mrs. Kimberly M. Chapman, repeats daily as she executes being an active phenomenal woman.

In order for us to have longevity, we [must] continue to do what we are supposed to do – that we are always servicing people and not becoming a bigger conglomerate just to have money to show that I have money.

Kim Chapman: Started From The Bottom Now We Hair

Black shoppers spent $473 million in total on hair care since 2015, it has been reported. Through Kim and Will’s creativity, their smart business, and customer appreciation, they have expanded the business into a multi-million dollar company. Although one of the most recognizable names in hair care, Kim has mentioned aspirations of being “the face” of hair care, she confessed, “For our products to be No. 1 in the world.”

Kimberly M. Chapman is one of the great entrepreneurs and innovators. She is an influencer, media correspondent, and co-creator of Chapman Products, along with husband William P. Chapman. Kim is a Southern Wesley University graduate mother of two. She also created Chapman Products Inc., with well-established entities including Nairobi Professional, Congo Professional, Kerafena Natural Hair Smoothing System, Chapman Foundation Inc., and Sheen Magazine.

Kim Chapman: Started From The Bottom Now We Hair

Transcending beyond beauty, Chapman has crafted a lucrative addition to her business, publisher. Kim created various media-related additions to her company’s profile under the popular sub-division known as Sheen. The publication (Sheen Magazine), podcast (Sheen Talks), and original viral content secure both beneficial promotions and revenue stream. Through Sheen, Kim and company developed a lifestyle brand that tethers into everything outside of beauty. This opens a dialogue to Chapman Products and the culture.

Kim, along with her husband, effortlessly deliver the ultimate beauty products in the industry using consistency, dedication, faith, and love. Always ahead, forward-thing trends, educational, Kim provides inspired individuals with the blueprint to achieve similar heights themselves through implications of a simple strong work ethical regiment. Enriched with constant growth, its undeniable Champan Products will remain the ultimate brand in beauty and media for generations to come.

Kim Chapman: Started From The Bottom Now We Hair

Outside of the hair culture, Kim preaches the importance of education in the community through the Chapman Foundation. In 1999, she began providing scholarships to high school students, delivering school supplies and toys to the less fortunate, and much more. The Chapman Foundation donates a minimum of $250,000 per year to students nationwide.

Brooklyn College professor Zinga Fraser reminds, “African women have a rich history in terms of the ways they adorn their hair.” The U.S. has one of the most lucrative hair care markets in the world. Chapman Products is atop of black culture’s 2.5 billion dollar hair industry thanks to the brand’s Nairobi haircare products.

Catch Kim Chapman Tuesdays on her celebrity talk show, “Sheen Talk Live” on YouTube.

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