The King Louis XIII strain gets its name from the notorious king of France that made everyone in the French aristocracy wear wigs. This potent knock-out indica-dominant strain has come to be known by cannabis lovers across Southern California. Its popularity comes from multiple factors aside from a catchy name. A proper specimen of the King Louis will be outrageously loud and feature bright coloration. Piney musky gas comes together to really show off the OG Kush parent this strain comes from. 

Peering deeply into a nug of the King Louis XIII strain will only increase your longing to smoke on it. The leaves are a brilliant green with hints of yellow. There are some, albeit tight, air pockets allowing you a partial look inside. From head-to-toe, this strain has a sheet of yellow-ish trichomes that wrap around it. Furry orange pistils fan out from central locations along its surface. On the nose, you may pick up more of the earthy pine aromas that resolve a bit more into a pungent sweetness when you crack a nug open. The strain has a prevailing peppery diesel that will fill up the room.

Looking at the dominant terpenes for the King Louis XIII strain puts a little bit more in perspective. We’re looking at limonene, myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene as the prevailing terps. It’s interesting that limonene doesn’t give this strain a bigger dose of citrus deliciousness. But, this is the nature of the different ways terpenes express themselves from strain-to-strain and pheno-to-pheno.

King Louis XIII Strain by THC Design

Image via THC Design’s website

The beta-caryophyllene takes a more controlling role in the initial aromas of this strain, giving it a spicy and musky tone that may translate into a pain-relieving high. Limonene gives it that sour citrus twist that evens out the smoke, as well as lends to the potentially happy feelings it may produce. Myrcene can take on more earthy sweet tones and may also be greatly lending to the sleep-inducing qualities of this strain.

If you’re looking for a pleasant end of the day smoke, the King Louis XIII strain might be an easy choice. You can find it represented by a number of brands throughout Southern California and up north into the Bay Area. Those seeking relief from insomnia or depression might also find this strain to be a welcoming aid.

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