There’s nothing quite like twisting up a nice, stinky blunt. The only problem is that it can be time-consuming, as well as addictive from the tobacco factor. Many newbies have a difficult time rolling up anything and will, therefore, avoid learning altogether. King Palms are the perfect solution to this dilemma of time and rolling experience. Each of their natural leaf rolls is individually handmade. On top of that, they have a favorable slow burn, as well as a packing tool to basically fill it up and smoke—no licking or rolling involved.

King Palm uses leaves from the flowering tree from the Cordia (Borage) family grown on their collective of farms across Southeast Asia. When you smoke one of their leaf rolls you’re supporting a sustainable product that is also creating thousands of jobs where they’re grown, nurtured, and produced.

Think of King Palms like the Yerba Mate of rolling materials. Naturally grown, these leaves never touch toxic fertilizers, and are never given artificial flavor. When leaves are cut from this tree, new leaves appear in a short period of time. Therefore, King Palms create zero harm to the environment. On top of it all, the King Palm leaf, corn husk, and paper are completely biodegradable. Their wraps come in six different sizes in increments of .5 grams all the way up to a monster-sized 5-gram leaf.

Go Big Or Go Home

Each package comes with multiple leaves and a corn-husk packing tool. To get going, grind up some of your favorite flower and begin filling it to the brim. Along the way, use the packing tool to get all of your contents nice and tight inside the leaf. You don’t need to worry about it breaking, these things are pretty strong.

When you spark it, you’ll barely notice a flavor from the leaf, if not a slight burn that is reminiscent of a hemp-wrap. The slow burn allows for optimum enjoyment and a long smoke that will leave your head and body buzzing (depending on what you put in it.) King Palm goes the extra mile to provide the best customer service and truly believes in cultivating a strong community with their sustainable products.

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