The cannabis industry has been connecting with other cultures and learning from them for quite some time. Limited and/or exclusive product releases have proven to be very successful in other industries and have become a major trend in the cannabis world over the last ten years. Washington State Hash Rosin Company, Knots Cannabis is one of the many legal marijuana brands who have embraced aspects of this type of strategy.

The Knots cannabis team announced today they they’ve teamed up with Forbidden Cannabis Club (a dispensary chain throughout South Central Washington State) for an exclusive drop of their Lemon OG solventless hash rosin. The FCC team is highly regarded throughout Washington State as having some of the best dispensary staff as well as offering great deals throughout the year.

RMR’s Chief Reviewer Joey Brabo, recently visited the Evergreen State to pick up and test some of the Knots Lemon OG solventless hash rosin. Watch the review on the official Youtube channel for Respect My Region or scroll down and watch below.

Knots Cannabis Cultivation

Established in the crazy Covid year of 2020, Knots Cannabis has been primarily focusing on hydrocarbon and solventless extracts. All of their flower is grown in Methow Valley, however they are working towards an indoor facility so that they can bring a higher quality product to the market.

The current flower they extract with utilizes proprietary cultivation methods to grow a pesticide-free flower that provides a higher terpene profile and elevated yields. Knots Cannabis extraction methods have proven to elevate premium affordable greenhouse cannabis and the results are evident in the end-user experience.

Lemon OG Solventless Hash Rosin

The Lemon OG strain is a cross between Lemon Skunk and OG kush. The notes of a mild OG and a light citrus twist is the typical profile of a Lemon OG cut. For this extract Knots Cannabis really hit the mark. The pale-colored rosin has a thick whip texture that contained 2.4% of terpenes in it.

According to their team, Knots does the whipping after a 10 day cold-cure. With a 65.88% THC test and an overall 77.72% total cannabinoids, the Lemon OG rosin might deceive you into thinking this isn’t that potent. Don’t let the lack of THC fool you, the terps on this pair incredibly well with the total cannabinoids and are guaranteed to hit you nicely. Just remember low temp dabs only!

Two-Dab Review

Scents of sweet and piney with hints of citrus were apparent in Joey’s review. The presence of OG and Lemon Skunk cannot be mistaken. He tasted the sweet and the herbal pine, but got a little bit of spice.

Quick to note how pronounced the terpenes are, Joey enjoyed the inhale and exhale’s different flavor profiles. As he exhaled a diesel-like flavor, he shares that he must give the Lemon OG solventless hash rosin a higher taste test score of 9.25 out of 10.

After the second, cool down hit, Joey talks about the effect he is experiencing. With terp tears and a tingle in his nose, he share about the stoney feel and the body high. Brabo mentions that he is experiencing sedation and feeling lethargic.

He basically felt everything an OG should make you feel, thus, giving Knots Cannabis’ Lemon OG rosin a total score of 95 out of 100. Check out the video below to get a better idea of the entire experience.

You can find Knots Cannabis Lemon OG rosin drop exclusively at any of the three Forbidden Cannabis Club locations in Lacey, Carson, and Okanogan.

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