Kodak Black recently came to town and if you missed it, don’t be disappointed because you didn’t miss much. Prior to buying my ticket, I was so excited I said, “Once Kodak comes to town I’m going to wait all day around the venue just so I can try to meet him.” I was super excited about the event, but that wish never happened because I ended up buying my ticket late.

I pulled up to Showbox SoDo only to find out that the line was 100 people deep at 7:30 when the doors opened at 7 pm. This didn’t seem right. The venue was taking their sweet time getting people through security and through the door. I finally made it inside around 8 or 8:30 and went straight to the bar. There was a DJ playing today’s popular hits, but no one opened up for Kodak except the kid on the turntables.

On stage, the backdrop for the evening was a replica of the front of a home that was from the Pompano Beach, Florida area. That is where Kodak and his crew grew up. I don’t think many people paid much attention to it, but for someone like myself who’s lived in that area, it was awesome to see.

Eventually, Kodak came out on stage and it was crazy to see him in person. After all the listening and appreciation I’ve done for him over the last couple years, he was finally standing in front of me. It was surreal. He started playing some of his hit songs like “Transportin” “Tunnel Vision” and a few others.

He was doing his thing on stage walking from side to side rapping, yet visually his energy seemed to be relatively low. It was Kodak Black so I can’t say I was expecting all that much. A couple times throughout the night he would put the mic down for a breather and let the DJ play some hits in between. As they played other people’s music Kodak would dance side to side while looking out into the crowd. It definitely was interesting. I’ve been to a lot of shows and haven’t seen an artist do such a thing, but the crowd just went with it. After all, this strange approach is how Kodak has risen to the position he’s in; by doing his thing and doing things differently.

He isn’t what many consider normal, neither was his set.

As an avid fan of his music, he played tons of songs, only half of which I knew. I do believe that he could have played more of the popular hit songs. As he wrapped up the night, he ended up giving his thanks to the crowd followed by walking off stage. The lights came on and people headed for the doors. I was patiently waiting for the right moment, but there wasn’t an encore chant or anything! It was strange.  

As I headed back to my car, I passed his tour bus and noticed a small crowd just up ahead. I buzzed over to the crowd and the next thing you know there’s Kodak Black right in front us. He was taking a moment to say what’s up to everyone and it was a great way to end having him in town. 

“When you see Bae in the back”

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Overall though, the evening was great and I had an awesome time. Seeing him in person was the best thing about it. His performance was subpar and he could have played better songs and brought more energy, but it was fun nonetheless. If you weren’t a serious fan though, you probably walked out saying to yourself “what the fuck just happened?”