The Kosher Kush strain is another hard-hitting descendent of OG Kush. This strain has gone on to win Best Indica in 2010 and 2011 at High Times’ Cannabis Cups. Odiferous to say the least, Kosher Kush produces noticeably high THC levels. The unique aroma that emanates from it could be described as earthy fruit, with an almost rich chocolatey sourness. For over a decade, this strain has been captivating recreational and medicinal cannabis users with its potentially body-melting relaxation.

Looking at the Kosher Kush strain, you’ll immediately think of OG Kush. But, looking closer will reveal some glints of purple and an overly abundant presence of trichomes. Largely showing off hues of rich and pale earthy green, the nugs almost sparkle from how frosty they are. Bright orange pistils offer a pleasing contrast to the dense green nugs. The herbal, musky gas of the strain will make itself known immediately upon opening the jar and/or bag. Cracking a nug open will reveal a lemony sweetness that has a spicy, peppery twist.

The dominant terpenes in the Kosher Kush strain are myrcene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene. This classic indica-inspired combination of terps allows this strain to hit even harder in tandem with its naturally high THC levels. 

Kosher Kush Strain

Image via @canna.farmacy

Myrcene is one of the most common terps in cannabis and has a hoppy, balsam fragrance. Myrcene may lend to the overall relaxing and calming qualities of this strain. Limonene is the tinge of sweetness in this gassy strain, offering a taste of lemon citrus alongside potential stress and anxiety-relieving qualities. Lastly, beta-caryophyllene amps up the peppery, spicy funk of the cultivar, potentially aiding in pain relief and the buzzing cerebral blast.

Many users report the Kosher Kush strain to be one of the strongest smokes they’ve ever had. The high hits like a train, propelling anyone into a potentially blissful state of euphoric relaxation. Those suffering from stress, insomnia, or chronic body pain might find the Kosher Kush to be just what the doctor ordered.

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