Kush Jones’ experimental beat-making wizardry combines a dreamy soundscape with juke and “bounce work” tempo. Drawing influence from tones of Jersey club, house, and footwork, he creates a unique and captivating sound.

Jones has been making some serious magic recently. And he has been busy, to say the least. In the last three months, releasing three fire EP’s. FT055, Relief 3 and the ninth Strictly For My CDJZ volume. Each three, building on an uplifting energy, guiding you through complexities of sound and movement. 

Jones’ Juneteenth Releases

On June 19, or Juneteenth, Jones graced us with not one, but two entrancing records. One, independently produced and the third in a series. And the other through the Washington D.C. label, Future Times. Tearing up the Bronx electronic scene, Jones produces impressive beats that tickle your insides and make you want to move your feet. You can find the full EP’s on Jones’ bandcamp.

Relief 3

His independently produced album, Relief 3, brings you on a trip of jazzy, funky footwork. The crisp drums and wobbly unconventional house tones whisking you into a frenzy of uplifting groove. This new EP from Kush Jones is a bouncy, energetic encapsulation of his auditory genius. 


FT055, Kush Jones’ “Future Times” EP was also released on Juneteenth. This captivating record keeps that upbeat and electrifying tempo while weaving together worldly melodic undertones. Intricate drums, captivating footwork undertones, and an overall upbeat house vibe. 

To check out the full EP, FT005, with all four rhythmic house and worldly footwork tracks, head over to Future Times bandcamp.

Consistently Putting Out That Auditory Heat

Jones is really mastering the art of auditory production.  In the last four years, releasing 20 independently produced tracks to his Bandcamp. Another current project Jones is working on, Strictly For My CDJZ, is set to have forty volumes by its completion. The nine EP’s released in the series so far, follow that flow of energetic juke, footwork and melodic upbeat house. 

Jones is consistently pushing the boundaries of the footwork and techno soundscape. With hard basslines, complex drum sequencing, and “juke bounce-werk” beats—Jones is absolutely slaying it. He keeps things unconventional while remaining captivating and energetic.

This Bronx producer is definitely one to keep your eye on. With a consistent flow of fresh, upbeat and grandeur tracks, you’ll never be short of new content. 

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