Cannabis that is grown on the West Coast is usually described as some of the best in the world. After visiting Perris, CA and taking a behind-the-scenes tour of MedCare Farms, we can confirm that the marijuana grown in Eastern California can be considered top-notch just the same as cannabis from Humboldt or the Bay Area. One of these top-notch offerings is MedCare Farms Kush which is a hand-selected phenotype of kush that features a cross between Blackberry Kush and Starfighter.

The MedCare Kush strain is one of MCF’s most well-known offerings and is described as an Indica-dominant hybrid with effects that I would describe as attention-grabbing, sedative, and hunger-inducing. This kush was arguably one of the best kush products I’ve ever had. It is grown by hand, trimmed by hand, and packaged order by order by a small team of passionate team members. In short, the MedCare Kush was essentially a perfect kush experience.

Each nug was coated in trichomes and every single individual leaf on the buds smelled and tasted of earthy cannabis. One of my friends sampled the product with me and together we described the smell as earthy weed blended with a small bit of citrus and gas or paint-thinner. This might concern or scare some people away but it shouldn’t. This cannabis tasted great and was incredibly effective at sedating two adult humans and sparking a hefty appetite.

Although most of the packaging in California is a bit overkill, I really enjoyed MedCare’s simple and sleek approach. A standard child-proof glass jar featured 3 larger buds and 1 smaller nug wrapped with an attractive black and metallic copper label. The branding is similar to that of craft whiskey companies.

It was clear that the MedCare team is producing a high-end cannabis product that prioritizes the consumer experience. Their facility was legitimately one of the best I’ve visited plus their operation featured numerous growing rooms that were specially designed for craft cannabis success. Their cultivation operations are highly organized with an attention to detail unmatched by many of the cannabis facilities I’ve visited over the last two years.

The MedCare Kush Experience

Kush is traditionally a strain that is said to provide above average potency effects that leave the user feeling stoned, stuck in time, and usually a little hungry or thirsty. Overall, the product is most likely best-suited for experienced cannabis users and tourists looking for a trustworthy top-shelf product. This product is also acceptable for first-time users as long as you’re not driving or operating any kind of machinery.

MedCare Farms Kush Overview

  • Indica
  • Genetics: Starfighter x Blackberry Kush
  • Aromatics: Sweet, Earth, Paint, Citrus
  • Flavor: Sweet, Citrus, Earth
MedCare Farms Kush Is A Cannabis Strain California Can Trust (Official Review)

MedCare Farms Kush Soundtrack