Kushagram cannabis delivery service has become one of the most reputable ways to get your cannabis delivered from LA down to the Orange County area. They’re known for hosting one of the largest menus that you can rely on to stay up-to-date. Currently boasting over 270 products, Kushagram’s menu contains some of the freshest drops from California’s biggest names in cannabis.

Open seven days a week from 8 am-10 pm, Kushagram has a quality-focused menu that showcases a wide variety of quality and price. Additionally, they only require a $50 minimum purchase to qualify for free delivery. Customers should order directly from Kushagram via their website, text, email, or over the phone to ensure they don’t have to pay any service charges from an external source like Weedmaps.

Fast and organized deliveries are a given with Kushagram cannabis delivery service, as well as friendly and attentive staff. Calling and asking questions is never an issue if you’re unsure about a particular menu item. First-time customers are able to get a favorable discount on products from fan favorites such as STIIIZY, Buddies Brand, Select, PlugPlay, Elyon Private Reserve, and more.

Delivery Areas In Orange County

Kushagram will deliver all the way from Santa Monica down to San Clemente! The areas Kushagram services south of Los Angeles include Anaheim, Irvine, Santa Ana, Lake Forest, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and Garden Grove.

Kushagram Is A Discreet And Expedient Cannabis Delivery Service In LA That Offers A First-Time Customer Discount

Quality-Focused Menu Curation

If the product isn’t up to Kushagram’s high standards, it doesn’t go on the menu. The options they have available on their site are reflective of their adherence to quality. Some of the best cannabis products in California aren’t wildly expensive. Some of the competitively priced brands they carry include Buddies Brand, West Coast Cure, High Garden, Autumn Brands, and Pacific Reserve.

Product Recommendations

It can be hard to pick a favorite with a menu as big as Kushagram’s, but we’ve come up with a few product recommendations from each category. For concentrates, Buddies Brand is always going to give you an incredible amount of flavor for a competitive price. Kushagram carries all of Buddies’ Liquid Diamonds Live Resin carts, their Distillate + Cannabis-Derived Terpenes cart, and their live resin dabs. Their Blue Dream Liquid Diamonds Live Resin cart might remind you what a Blue Dream concentrate should taste like. It shows off delicious musky, sweet, and pine flavors and strain-specific highs every time.

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For flower, Elyon’s Gelato #33 is always going to deliver on classic Gelato sweet cream flavors for a fraction of the usual price. The flower has that doughy, gassy stench that has made it a West Coast celebrity. Smoking a few bowls might put you into utter chill-mode.

Edibles are a great way to finish a hearty meal and melt into your couch. One of my favorites Kushagram carries are the Camino gummies from Kiva Confections. They’re currently stocking the Midnight Blueberry flavor that comes with 5mg of THC per gummy, and 20 gummies total per tin. These go down smooth like candy. Be careful of how many you eat in one sitting!

If you’re looking for a delicious cannabis-infused beverage, look no further than the Headset line of drinks from Priv. Kushagram has their Wildride flavor that comes with 25mg of THC in it. This might be a chill way to ride out the rest of your day. Those on-the-go cannabis users might find this beverage to be a great afternoon or evening treat.

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