On Thursday, October 3rd, the California Department of Consumer Affairs let loose a warrant to search an industrial warehouse California seemingly related to the brand Kushy Punch. The investigators found thousands of illegal vape cartridges and edibles they thought to be made by the company Kushy Punch. According to Leafly, Alex Traverso of the Bureau of Cannabis Control estimates the confiscated disposable cartridges to be worth millions.

Manufacturing included the use of Petrol-solvent extraction methods to mass-produce illegal THC products that also contain pesticides and toxic chemicals. Sources close to Kushy Punch are accusing the company of owning two separate facilities. One side has a legal license. While the other illegally manufactures and sells to the black market. Leafly made note that 1,080 across 48 states have reported pulmonary injuries related to vaping. Vitamin E oil, butane, and myclobutanil (pesticide) are among the front running chemicals that pose a threat to your health. They could possibly lead to injuries such as chemical burns A.K.A pneumonitis.

Why Do Companies Manufacture & Sell Toxic Products?

California's Kushy Punch Busted For Manufacturing THC Concentrates
Image via Leafly

Previously, the BCC took hold of thousands of illegal cartridges and packaging under the name “Dank Vapes” from a Fresno vape shop. These disposable vape cartridges and edible gummies were taken to be tested and then subsequently thrown away. California’s cannabis industry has made attempts to explain the reasoning behind selling toxic products.

The problematic companies like Kushy Punch and Dank Vapes use illegal sales to maintain financial homeostasis while trying to meet state regulations. It’s disappointing to watch the progress of legal cannabis industries come under fire from illegal activity. Sickness and death in relation to illegal products have made a major controversy surrounding the popularity of vaping as of late.

The BCC is working to test the confiscated THC oil and connect illegal THC product manufacturing to the Kushy Punch brand. The company’s licensed side of the business is currently under investigation. This came along with an investigation of the warehouse that had confiscated evidence pointing back towards black market sales. Their CEO Ruben Cross has not responded to Leafly’s requests for comment.

It’s imperative that cannabis consumers are careful to research the products they’re purchasing. It seems like laws and regulations are being put in place weekly to reverse the hype surrounding vaping because of the illicit activity. I believe there is still an increasing need to be smart and safe for nicotine and THC product users. Further research and investigation must continue to ensure safe use.