As the vaping health crisis continues around the country, cannabis and health officials are searching for answers. Kushy Punch has been thrust into the vaping crisis spotlight. The popular edible producer had their license revoked after being found with 7200 illicit vape carts and other unlicensed products, according to the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) and reported by Marijuana Business Daily.

The BCC raided Vertical Bliss last month, which is the company operating the Kushy Punch brand. The BCC says the facility was unlicensed and therefore confiscated over $21 million in Kushy Punch vapes plus other products. BCC investigators were following up on reports of illegal cannabis activity at the Canoga Park facility.

Illegal Kushy Punch Vapes Found To Be Worth $21 Million

Kushy Punch Has License Revoked After Being Found With $21 Million In Illegal Products

This facility was used for manufacturing and storage. Kushy Punch stated all 7200 vapes were slated for destruction at the time of the raid, which is strange considering the vape carts were created there as well.

Kushy Punch’s lawyer states that California’s recreational system hampered its distribution through “licensing delays, costs, and onerous taxes.”

Bottom line, the facility was unlicensed, therefore everything in the warehouse is illegal. Once state law is being broken. the BCC can move in post-haste.

Kushy Punch Has License Revoked After Being Found With $21 Million In Illegal Products

Vaping illnesses have killed 47 people and made over two-thousand more people sick so it’s not a good look when you have thousands of unlicensed vape cartridges on hand. Officials are going to assume the worst during this anti-vaping wave. People are so freaked out about everything vape related that Apple also just finished a round of scrubbing their App Store of anything vaping related.