The master of tropical house music is back with a bang. Kygo has announced the release of his third studio album Golden Hour. According to the artist, quarantine has given him just the time he needs to finish the album. To kick off the long-awaited album release, he has begun releasing singles.

His first single “Like It Is” was released at the end of March. The track features Zara Larsson and rapper Tyga starting off with more of a pop-style intro before delving into a traditional tropical house chorus.

Kygo is the king of tropical house music, a genre that has sky-rocked over the last decade with Kygo at the forefront. His second single “I’ll Wait” came out early April. This track showcases the softer side of Kygo’s music equip with a filling, fruity house drop that we have all come to recognize. Sasha Sloan is on vocals, an artist Kygo previously worked with back in 2017.

The more recent single ‘Freedom’ featuring Zak Abel has been a huge success after just coming out in the middle of April. This song is another perfect example of Kygo’s transcendent house choruses that make you want to get up and dance. It appears he is releasing a single about every two weeks, though a release date hasn’t been set.

Golden Hour Release Date Still Unknown

Kygo started off his career by releasing tracks on Soundcloud that led to his first single “Firestone.” His first album Cloud Nine (2016) was hugely successful, followed by Kids In Love (2017). With each release, Kygo undeniably continues to evolve and deliver lush electronic hits.

Now he’s finally ready to give us a third album. In the meantime, Kygo has put together a playlist under the name “Golden Hour” full of all his best tracks to date. Listen below.

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