The city of L.A is home to some of the biggest rap icons in the game, let alone a pillar in the history and development of the genre. From a city that has a huge pool of up and coming talent, there a certain names that are taking over the local scene. Check out some of the hottest up and coming names in the Los Angeles area below!

L.A’s Hottest New Artists

Shoreline Mafia

Shoreline Mafia is one of L.A’s most successful up and coming groups. Their growth and popularity has skyrocketed throughout 2018, and they’re on the fringe of making a huge break on the mainstream level. The group consists of four rappers named Fenix, Ohgeesy, Rob Vicious, and Master Kato. Their style is more trap based, in addition to their raps being more punchline centered. Check out RMR’s post covering their latest release here.

Shoreline Mafia – “Bands”




Trizz is one of the most consistent and talented rappers in the west coast hip-hop game. His complex lyricism paired with potent, yet simple beats is his signature. His lyrics are inventive, but realistic at the same time. He challenges topics both in his life and in the world, and is highly successful in connecting these themes to his fans. Listen to one of his biggest hits “Kill Us” below!

Trizz – “Kill Us”


Villain Park

Villain Park has been making music together for several years, but the current format of the group is now seen as a duo between rappers Bunge and Smoke. In contrast to many artists on the trap wave, they’re sound reflects many of the old school aspects of hip-hop. This includes simple 80’s themed synths in the style of Dr. Dre, as well as having production that supports having a wide range of bars from start to finish. For hip-hop fans that gravitate to the old school sound, look no further.

Villain Park – “Still A V Thang”


King Lil G

King Lil G has been a staple in the underground hip-hop game for years. Based in Inglewood, he’s seen his music spread not only in L.A, but to many additional markets throughout the world. When listening to his music, it’s clear that he takes pride in the various types of rhyme schemes he can provide in every song. He’s a rapper that will tell you his opinion, and destroy everything in his way with the amount of bars he brings to every track.

King Lil G – “Ffree$style All Summer”


G Perico

G Perico is considered to be the king of the underground gangster rap scene. From studying the greats, he includes influences of older artists while incorporating a younger sound as well. He prides himself as a storyteller for those who are not in a position to share their thoughts and experiences. Check out one of his latest songs “All Nighter” below!

G Perico – “All Nighter”