Landrace Labs is cooking up some of the tastiest extracts on the market right now. They take product from their grow way out in Oroville down to their lab in Grand Mound, WA to create raw oil for cartridges that are visibly different from any others on the shelf. The oil is noticeably more viscous than your typical cartridge, but it definitely packs more flavor.

All of their extracts are raw, yet ridiculously clean. Their extraction process contains no residuals, no additives, and no hydrocarbons. I smoke cartridges in my day-to-day for their discreet nature and lack of incriminating scent. I’ve smoked a couple from them on a recommendation from my local budtender and the terpene percentages are through the roof.

Most notably is their sativa-dominant “Where’s My Bike?” strain. This strain has 17 percent terps! Seldom do you find CO2 cartridges with this much retention of the flower’s terpene profile. The level of entourage effect from this strain after a few puffs on your pen is pleasantly felt full-body. The taste was sweet (but not too sweet!) with an earthy resolve that didn’t burn the throat like many distillates I’ve smoked.  It was a DOPE Cup runner-up for best sun-grown sativa, as well.

At Landrace their slogan is “all ’bout the terps!” which is evident as all of their cartridges boast terpene percentages over 15 percent. At the core of their HTFSE (High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract) operation is the 20L Hi-Flo machine from Eden Labs. The extraction systems from Eden Labs come well-reviewed in the commercial and industrial sector for their consistent cleanliness and high-yields.

Have a look at their store locator to find the shop nearest you that carries these tasty carts.

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