Justin Hale’s third single off his upcoming album No Love In LA set to drop May 2020. “Late Night Love Affairis a perfect song to get in your feelings to this Valentine’s season. Featuring powerful production by Mantra, this song is an intimate exploration of heartbreak and growing from such pain. 

Justin Hale drops lines such as “Why you only tap in when you lonely” throughout the song. The bridge goes “it’s okay if you don’t feel the same, girl, just as long as you remember my name. Cos when I feel the way I feel can’t play no games, no, can’t play no games.”

“Late Night Love Affair” explores the failings of not one of Hale’s relationships but several. Such a song reveals deep insights not only into Hale’s emotional life but into the current generation and their dating world as well. 

As a Seattle and LA-based rapper, Hale is familiar with West Coast heartbreak. While people are only becoming more demanding and narcissistic in relationships, Hale is looking to work on himself. “Late Night Love Affair” isn’t an attempt by Hale to spread the blame. It’s an attempt to honestly engage with his emotions and to move forward as a person.

late night love affair

This level of maturity is rarely experienced, so Late Night Love Affair is a very welcomed piece of art. He admits that he cannot diminish his feelings of love and commitment to someone. More impressively, he admits he cannot remain around the women things haven’t worked out with. Instead, Hale would rather create a healthy amount of space, and allow both of them to live out their own lives. 

“Why you always treat me like the homies?”


Intimacy is an increasingly rare thing to find. In a world where tinder and shallow dates dominate, many people are left desiring simple connections. “Late Night Love Affair” is anything but bitter, it’s the plea of a romantic to gain a place to belong.

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