The Leaf and Lion dispensaries stand for more than just getting you the product. They also want to educate you on what you’re buying and help keep you informed on other cannabis industry trends.

The Leaf and Lion Port Hueneme location exemplifies this by doing an amazing job of providing customers with concrete knowledge and transparent information about the right cannabis products for healing and general well-being.

Their team’s ability to empower their customers through knowledge about cannabis has brought a whole new energy to the industry. Not only does it help the customer, but, it also helps fight the stigma some may still believe in when it comes cannabis. When greeted and helped in a professional manner, it’s shows there’s more to cannabis than just being a “gateway drug.”

Featured Products

Leaf and Lion Port Hueneme is excelling with the quality of service is matching the quality of the product. Providing great products in flower, edibles, concentrates, beverages, and more – this team commits to delivering a diverse selection of affordable premium items.

Looking for some of the best 100% real live-resin dabs and cartridges? The Lucid Blue diamonds and sauce from Buddies Brand is a crowd pleaser. This fire sativa comes with a great head high that is sure to keep you up and going without being to overbearing. The liquid diamond live-resin vape carts from Buddies are also a favorite for locals across PH.

Just Mary Is A New Cannabis Delivery Service Providing The Greater San Fernando Valley With The Best Weed Products In California

If you’re more into loose bud and rolling your own, the Ice Cream Cake from Farmer and Felon is a tasty weed that’s great for after dinner. Supporting their brand along with the Last Prisoner project is a great way to have positive impact on felons in jail/prison due to cannabis.

This particular ice cream cake strain from Mad Scientists Genetics is a cross of Cheesecake and Dream Cookie. Hitting smooth with a sweet nutty flavor and hints of vanilla, this one comes highly recommended.

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