As we continue through Leafly’s ‘Seed To Sale’ series it is exciting to learn how legal cannabis is grown from state to state. Earlier this week we shared episodes 2 & 3 and now it’s time for their fourth and fifth installments.

Episode 4 discusses the harvesting side of growing cannabis and features one of Denver’s finest teams, Medicine Man. The co-owner discusses their unique process and shares that they produce 25 pounds-per-day. I’ve never been involved with the production side of cannabis and found it interesting to learn that machine trimming cannabis can take as little as ten minutes while hand trimming can take 2+ hours.

Would you prefer your pot to be trimmed by hand or by machine? Enjoy the video and comment with your thoughts! 

Episode 5 is the finale for this wonderful Leafly series and it discusses one of my favorite local growers, Royal Tree Gardens. These guys are based in Tacoma, WA and they maintain a strict protocol for packaging only the finest buds. When it comes to producing quality legal cannabis, Royal Tree Gardens is one of Respect My Region’s favorite growers.

Thanks to a recent session out in Bellevue, I can now vouch for Royal Tree’s Grape Royale flower. A powerful grape flavor and a stoney high really legitimized some of the hype I had heard from my friends.

Check out the video and learn more about their packaging process! Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter @RespectMyRegion

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