The Lemon Pepper strain is a more energetic offering from Berner’s Lemonnade line. By taking the Lemon Haze and crossing it with GSC you get an undoubtedly loud cultivar that reeks of pure citrus gas. This sativa-leaning hybrid may bring about a delightful elation that leaves you in a wake of tension-free vibes. A few whiffs of this strain opens the eyes and twists a smile on your face.

Taking a moment to examine a few buds of the Lemon Pepper strain you’ll notice dense, somewhat cone-like nugs. With its light green coloration and bright orange pistils, it resembles a gassy bush. The yellow trichomes that dance along its surface add to its attractive glow. When you’re squishing it with your fingers there won’t be much give, and cracking a nug open will be like snapping a branch. On the nose, it will feature more fruity citrus notes that have a hint of pine. Once you’re breaking down a nug it’ll open up many more spicy, peppery, and musky pastry scents. 

Looking at the parent strains for the Lemon Pepper strain it seems like the perfect marriage of terps. If I had to make a solid guess on the dominant terpenes I think it might be terpinolene and beta-caryophyllene. Within that, it’s then either limonene or ocimene for the third. There isn’t much of a mintiness to this strain so it leads me to believe limonene could be its third runner up.

Lemon Pepper Strain by Lemonnade

Image via Weedmaps

Terpinolene is a more rare terpene to take a dominant role in flavor and smell. Its fruity, citrusy, and floral aromas may lend to the truly inspiring highs this strain may create. Beta-caryophyllene is the main terp in GSC and provides the potential for anti-inflammatory effects, as well as adding a musky peppery kick to the aromatics. Limonene is known for potentially helping with stress-relief and anxiety. It also boosts the citrus presence the terpinolene is probably already making.

Smoking on some of the Lemon Pepper strain may get you fully charged and ready for action. But after a few more puffs it could set in with a carefree high that wants to slow everything down to a chill pace. Those looking for some creative stimulation might find the Lemon Pepper strain to be a pleasant smoke. Its spicy herbaceous flavor really comes into play with each rip and leaves your tongue tingling and your body potentially tension-free.

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