Cookies’ sister brand, Lemonnade, just made the announcement of their Portland cannabis dispensary opening soon. So far, we’ve seen a dedicated Instagram page for the dispensary, as well as the (future) regular store hours in the IG bio. With Berner’s Cookies cannabis brand recently making its formal entry into Oregon’s market through Pistil Point, this move makes sense. The first Lemonnade-brand dispensary just opened in Sacramento less than a week ago. Berner and his family of brands seem like they’re on an unstoppable path of growth.

Lemonnade is a sativa-focused family of strains and products that are made to elevate those in search of upbeat and euphoric experiences. Berner and Brett Wilson aka Growing Passion founded Lemonnade in 2015. The company has already been able to reach complete vertical integration and maintain control of their products from seed-to-sale. These factors have made them able to maintain a rigorous level of quality control at every step. They truly handle everything from cultivation and production to the retail experience.

The team of industry legends behind Lemonnade is setting trends with their menu of unique sativa-leaning, flavor-forward cannabis products. Meticulous genetics and expert breeding are core tenants of Lemonnade’s success on the West Coast and beyond. They’ve become known for a bevy of exclusive collabs between pop-culture icons such as Rick Ross, Michael Corleone, and Run The Jewels.

Rick Ross Collab To Be Available At Portland Lemonnade

On the @portlandlemonnade Instagram that’s sprung up, you can see them advertising the exclusive Rick Ross collaboration. Lemon Pepper, Pink Rozay, and Collins Ave are the hitters that Lemonnade has put together with Da Boss.

These three strains represent his luxurious Miami lifestyle and might take you to a state of pure regal bliss. These strains also represent the initial lineup for Ross’ subsidiary brand with Cookies, Collins Avenue Cannabis.

In a very similar style to its sister brand Cookies, Lemonnade has already built a grassroots cult following that eagerly awaits new strain drops. With the first official Lemonnade dispensary opening less than a week ago, it’s safe to say the hype will only continue to grow.

The Sacramento dispensary is bright yellow and features an expansive shop floor. You can only assume they’re going to enter into Portland with similar flair, and an award-winning menu of sativa-leaning strains alongside the Cookies’ fellow brands and many more.

Visit Lemonnade’s Website To Learn More

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