Yo people!!! I’m back with part 2 of coverage on the Omni EP from LEViT∆TE and Macntaj. For those of you who missed part 1 you can find it here: Omni EP Review Part 1

This time around I have two tracks to highlight for you all. Check them out below.

LEViTATE x Macntaj – Lightwaves (Remix) feat. Gunplay, Raz Simone

…But wait there’s more. LEViT∆TE and Macntaj really turned up the heat on this next tune. ‘Bodied’ may have taken the throne as my favorite track from the EP.

In a day and age where mainstream hip-hop has become a watered down culture compared to what I grew up with, it’s really refreshing to hear quality lyrics and quality production in one masterful track.

LEViT∆TE x Macntaj – Bodied

These two tracks bring the Omni EP to completion. What better way to celebrate than showcasing the talent of LEViT∆TE and Macntaj at their release party? You can find details be clicking the photo below:

Q Nightclub

Temple Presents Omni EP Release Party

Be sure to show your support if you are in the Seattle area next weekend. This event is about to be live!! I wanted to keep this piece focused on the artists so I invited LEViT∆TE and Macntaj for an interview.

Real Respect Real with LEViT∆TE and Macntaj on their Omni EP


Q: Whats the flow like working with Macntaj?

A: Working with Mac is always smooth. He trusts my vision a lot, and I trust his, I barely even give him direction. he just hears the songs and nails the shit harder than what I would have told him to do, every time.

Q: What response did you want to evoke from the Omni EP?

A: With this EP I had a vision of what I would like modern electronic hiphop to sound like aesthetically and at what caliper of production. I was just trying to open people’s eyes to the idea with no reservations.

Q: What made you stick to your guns in the past when people weren’t fuckin with your sound and what message do you have for those people now that you are on the come up?

A: I hadn’t payed much attention in the past to the amount of people that weren’t fucking with the sound. I certainly wasn’t unaware and I’m still not. What I do pay a lot of mind to is those who do enjoy the art. For me it’s all projection and not internalizing any external input. It’s all about expressing/ internal projection and always will be. My only message to those who consciously aren’t fucking with my sound is; I hope in the future I write something they can respect, if not its all good, that’s the price to pay in working in field where the quality of your content is subjective


Q: Whats next for the Macntaj project?
A: I currently have 2 EPs and a few singles that we’re shopping.

Q: Describe the aesthetic for those releases?

A: You’ll have to wait and peep it 😉

Q: This EP was fire. Can you chat a little about your approach to writing and what do you want your listeners to feel when they hear you on a track?
A: I wanted to make sure that my vocals brought the story that the production was telling alive, with my voice inflections, cadences, rhyme scheme all of that. A lot of thought and care went into everything we did. Lev’s a visionary, working with him is very easy. That’s all folks. You can find more info about LEViT∆TE and Macntaj as their links here