Today’s the day and Ty Lewis aka Leyshock couldn’t be more ready to give the world his debut album, New Bones. With this release, he’s riding several waves, among which is performing the album in its entirety at Marshall Hugh’s very first Splashfest held in Fremont today. The journey that’s led Leyshock to this release is full of twists and turns but has ultimately brought him to a product he considers his most thoughtful release to date.

Leyshock is the epitome of someone who takes his own path, despite the obstacles that seem to constantly get in his way. Between a hefty amount of relocating and finding new circles to try and vibe with, Ty Lewis is completely familiar with the struggle to grow your brand. Amidst the search for identity, as well as musical footings, even overcoming surgery, New Bones is the product of Leyshock’s present environment. This album is an ebb and flow from light to dark that emphasizes the growth that Lewis has undergone.

There’s a story behind every body of work, and this album is no different. While talking with Leyshock about what it took to put this whole thing together, he was not short on quips and cliffnotes. Find out what it took to make Leyshock’s New Bones come alive, and what the benefit of positive forces surrounding you can do to help you move forward.

Leyshock New Bones Exclusive Album Interview

When Did You Start Working On New Bones? How Did The Surgery Play Into That?

Leyshock told me that after a lot of participation in school sports that by the time January of this year hit, he was undergoing his third shoulder surgery. Due to the severity of his condition, he actually had to have a cadaver bone put in. He told me, “I can do push-ups, throw a football and stuff now, but there was a time where I was running my studio with one arm in a sling.” He impressed the difficulty of making deadlines for his audio engineer with only his non-dominant arm at his disposal.

After the subsequent parting-of-ways between him and his fellow members of 3Bruh, an indecisive rock outfit at the time, Lewis was left with a handful of songs. Feeling the hunger to keep creating, he released his first single “Starting Off Right,” in January despite his shoulder’s condition. This made him decide that he was going to develop a full album to christen his new lease on life post-surgery. “This album has been an exploration into this life I’ve been living after my shoulder surgery, as well as an official fresh start.”

How Did You Decide On The Sound For The Album Working Solo?

When you’re making everything by yourself it’s naturally hard to get a second opinion. By deciding to take on this whole album by himself, Leyshock told me that sometimes he would struggle with firm decisions on a beat. He told me “I’d make something and be like oh, that sounds cool” but didn’t know if it would fully translate to a larger audience.

“That’s why I brought in a lot of different instrumentalists to put their vibe on what I was making.” Leyshock brought up that when working with a band, “it was nice having people to tell me no if something isn’t working and I miss that these days.” Now with the album out he said, “it doesn’t feel like just me on this anymore after everyone I’ve brought in.”

How Many Songs Were Originally Made For The Album?

Originally there were twelve songs that Leyshock had put together for New Bones. He told me “four of them just weren’t as quality, and they felt a little darker than what I was looking for on this project.” He told me how important the feng shui of an album tracking is to him, and that overall “those songs just felt angstier than I wanted, so they never made it to Seth.” Those other four songs will see the light of day eventually, as he made several hints at.

How Does Seth McDonald Come Into Play?

“When I came to Seth I essentially had the album done,” Leyshock told me in detail. “He gave me direction on my timeline, what I should be doing with social media, and increasing my presence.” Leyshock said that when Seth threw up a Facebook post saying he was taking on new clients after formally stepping down as manager of Marshall Law Band he immediately reached out. “We had three several hour meetings,” Lewis said about Seth, “He’s been nothing but awesome.”

How Did You Get The Two Features On The Album?

Lewis told me an interesting story on how he met Marshall Hugh of Marshall Law Band. He said “Marshall invited me out to a cypher he was hosting, and then I saw one of his performances.” Lewis went on to say “I saw the way he collaborates and works with other people,” he said “it was very intense and fast, so I wanted to bring his energy in and he agreed.”

For the second feature, Leyshock told me about how he found Morasha online. “I met this girl Morasha off of Instagram and I liked her album and wanted to do something.” He went on to say “so I hit her up six months later saying I got something let’s go,” and it was as simple as that. Sometimes all you need to do is reach out and follow up with that serious work and everything will fall into place. That’s how their song “Bond” came about, actually. Lewis said they both are transplants and bonded on the feeling of moving a lot and wondering who’s really got your back.

What Was The Hardest Song To Make?

The story for the creation of Leyshock’s title track, “New Bones,” gave him the most difficult time to bring to life. He told me “I knew I wanted to do it, but didn’t know how to make a cool hook with the subject matter.” Marshall actually came in and “him and I worked on that song for hours.”

Eventually, he said, “Marshall began humming something that ended up being the melody for the hook.” “But it almost didn’t make the cut,” he said. Concluding, he said, “Marshall came in when I was hurting to finish the song and brought in a lot of inspiration to this song and this album.” “He was definitely the album angel.”

What Do You Have Coming Up?

In addition to performing at the first-ever Splashfest, Leyshock will continue to drop videos for New Bones. He also told me he’s got an exclusive radio interview coming this Wednesday with Rainier Ave Radio to talk about all that he’s up to. Stay tuned to Leyshock’s station and see what he’s got coming up next. For now, you can stream New Bones below on Spotify.

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