Arizona-native Ty Lewis aka Leyshock just let loose his most sophisticated visuals to date for his single “Wobbolty Walk.” He’s been steadily building his wave in Seattle following the release of his largely self-produced and recorded New Bones album back in August last year.

Since January, he’s been dropping one song per month to showcase some diversity and keep garnering hype. As his fifth release of the year thus far, Leyshock made the decision to collaborate with popular local Seattle producer/DJ, Samurai Del to mix things up.

Leyshock knew that Del would have the sauce he was looking for to create a hazy, dreamy beat. The song comes in on a jazzy, wobbly beat with triplet cadences from Leyshock before he goes into the Stranger Things-esque hook. The cut has a pleasant mixture of jazz, boom-bap, and trap elements to it.

It reminds me of something that would play during a spooky dance in the 80s. Del brings in bigger, more spazzy drums and warbly synths progressively as the song moves from verse to hook. Leyshock showcases different flows throughout each verse, but the hook really is the rock of this cut as it even fades out on the chorus.


Leyshock’s “New Bones” Comes Alive With Debut Album Release

Where “Wobbolty Walk” really came to life was under the direction of Dylan Fout. I’m extremely familiar with his work via Travis Thompson, Campana, and more. He has a smooth style of videography that often has a saturated, yet washed out quality on the colorwork that’s super moody. The visuals follow Leyshock in a barely cognisant “day in the life.” In which you can see him stumbling out of the crib, hitting the streets on his board, smoking Backwoods, getting mugged, and really going through it.

Despite all the L’s Leyshock takes in his video, the song has a wavy bop to it that could be fitting for a lazy Sunday. Those mornings when you wake up and everything is moving a little slower, yourself included. When you’re driving to the store to grab your munchies, this song may be your soundtrack.

I can’t help but think of some of the shots from Donnie Darko when I scope the visuals Dylan Fout put together for Leyshock. He really took what Leyshock and his team had in mind and gave it his vivid touch. Watch below.

Leyshock – “Wobbolty Walk” (prod. Samurai Del)

Leyshock will be continuing on his campaign of consistent monthly drops. So far he’s put out “Satisfied,” “Would You Be You?” “Unsure,” and “Attitude” preceding this release. Keep it locked to find out what Leyshock will be dropping in the coming months.

He’s already shown ample diversity in the type of music he’s put out since New Bones. Leyshock will undoubtedly keep bringing that same energy and pageantry in his coming releases.

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