Liberty OG is exclusive to Liberty Reach in Raymond, WA. A heavy hitting Indica with a clean taste and even better high. Perfect for a day where you have absolutely nothing planned, Liberty Reach achieves a rare combination of relaxation and alertness. A cross of Sin Valley OG Kush and Face Off OG, this strain is everything you want if you’re looking for a creative Indica high.

Opening the bag my apartment immediately filled with a familiar kush scent. The taste was unbelievable with dense and sticky nugs, I knew this was going to be a great strain to smoke while relaxing and watching football. The nugs are a light green and covered in trichomes, they are dense and stick to your fingers while you break them apart.

Liberty Reach Flower

Liberty OG from Liberty Reach

Liberty OG from Liberty Reach

Typically with Indica strains, I am unable to complete anything besides simple tasks, but after smoking Liberty OG I found myself still able to focus on simple things around my apartment.

Typically an hour or so after smoking when the high starts to wear off, I feel tired or ready to just sit. With Liberty OG I felt creative and motivated to be productive still after an hour. The munchies did eventually kick in though.

Liberty OG is available at Uncle Ike’s in Seattle.

Liberty OG Cannabinoid Breakdown

THC: 25.02%


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