Lifted’s 501st OG strain is one of the first strains I’ve returned to several times. I rarely buy the same strain back-to-back; I think your high is better when you’re constantly smoking different strains. The first time I smoked it, I bought another 1/8 the very next day just to stock up.

The 501st OG strain has an aroma that reminds me of hunting trips in the Washington mountains. Strong pine trees with fresh forest earth and hints of skunk.

The flower is dense, they are actually tough to break up by hand. It’s frosted in sticky trichomes that feel like glue when it’s coating your fingers. The large flowers look like the top of a snow-capped pine tree.

Lifted’s 501st OG strain is one of the smoothest smokes you will have. On the inhale, you barely feel the smoke graze your throat. Then, you exhale a large milky cloud of smoke; With a creamy smooth taste featuring hints of sweet berries. This strains flavor profile is all over the place and that’s what makes it special to me.

The 501st OG hits like a strong indica. It will relax your body and quiet your mind. This strain is best smoked in moderation because too much and you will be heavily sedated. Smoke up and the 501st OG will march you right into bed.

501st OG strain

501st OG Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • THC: 26.4%
  • CBD: 0.18%

501st OG Strain Overview

  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Genetics: Skywalker OG X Rare Darkness #1
  • Aroma Profile: Strong pine, earth and hints of skunk.
  • Flavor Profile: Creamy smooth with hints of berries.

Where To Find Lifted’s The 501st OG Strain

A Real Review of Lifted Cannabis 501st OG strain