Lil Debbie was just in town for her OG In My System tour stop at the Nectar Lounge. I had never heard of her until earlier this year. I was sort of skeptical with the major ratchet theme throughout her entire discography. But being a hip-hop encyclopedia, I still wanted to do my due diligence to be familiar with her music.

Lil Debbie – Break It Down

After doing my research, I realized that Lil Debbie was one badass chick. She grew up around the San Francisco Bay during the hyphy movement. That’s the lifestyle she knows; it makes sense now why she could help pioneer a new sub-genre of ratchet hip-hop. But when you get past that superficial exterior, she’s a highly intelligent entrepreneur.

Although ignorant topics pop up in her lyrics, her wordplay speaks volumes. The girl is funny as shit, and comes up with some clever rhymes. Plus she knows how to amp up a crowd, for such a tiny body her presence can take up an entire stage.

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A Conversation With Lil Debbie

RMR: I saw you posted on Instagram that Seattle was one of your favorite cities. What is it about Seattle that you love and respect?

Lil Debbie: I think what I respect and love about it most is that it reminds me of San Francisco. It reminds me of the Bay. It’s a little more ahead of the times, especially with like the weed industry and everything like that. It’s fucking beautiful, so that’s another reason. Why? Well the food’s good, the people, good weed, great food, it’s fucking beautiful, and yeah.

RMR: You’re in Seattle promoting the OG In My System album that you just put out. I can hear that it’s like five steps ahead of a lot of what you’ve done. You sound a lot more refined on this one. How did you approach it differently this time, than some of your previous releases?

Lil Debbie: I feel like I took more of my time with this project. The projects before it were just – since I had been doing projects with Riff Raff I was more used to just doing music and just putting out a music video, and not really taking my time and creating something different, if that makes sense. Everything I’ve done is different, and I definitely feel like I’ve paved a way for artists, for female artists to put out their music. But, I think that I just took more of my time.

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RMR: That’s probably where the refinement came from, was taking more time to do it.

Lil Debbie: Definitely. You know I did more stuff with melodies, and I kind of played around some more with this album.

RMR: You mentioned cannabis, and out here obviously we have a huge industry as well. But I know you have your own brand of stuff in California with the Cakes Life brand, the edibles, and then the strain as well. How did you get involved with all of that?

Lil Debbie: Well I was always, where do I start, so probably about 6 or 7 years ago when I first linked up with my management I had already been smoking weed. I’ve been smoking weed for over ten years. It was a huge part of who I was in the Bay area, and it was a huge part of me growing up.

When I started to get more attention on Instagram I would be posting a lot of the people I fucked with, the brands I fucked with, what I liked what I don’t like. And I would always get calls from my management like, “What are you doing? Take this shit down, this is bad.” It’s photos with like ten fucking pounds. So like I was doing this before like there were girls dabbing online. You know what I’m saying?

Who made this

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Before it was cool to take photos with pounds, that’s what I was doing. Just because it’s what I was doing. So they would call me and be like, “Girl take that down, you’re tripping,” and I’d be like, “No, you guys look, this is going to be a huge part of the United States of America. It’s gonna be legal, and it’s gonna be a huge part of the music industry.”

They kind of went back and forth with me for a while, then a couple two or three years passed and I’m like you know, I get a lot of attention, and people love when I post the brands, the weed brands I fuck with. At that time a lot of weed events and festivals were hitting me up to be a part of it.

Since I’m such a huge influencer in this world, I should definitely start my own brand. I’m like Lil Debbie, Little Debbie, Lil Debbie, and Little Debbie, so why don’t I do my own cakes? So from there I started my own edible line, and everything just kind of fell into place. But it was definitely a long road, I’m just proud of myself for getting it done and getting through it.

RMR: That’s just another talent that you can have, is being an entrepreneur like that. Which really, is all a part of your brand and who you are as a person, so it makes sense.

Lil Debbie: 100% and I feel like, I don’t know any other female music artists that will be like, “Hey, look at this weed I’m smoking, it’s at blah, blah, blah.” Like Miley Cyrus, and Rihanna smoke weed, but never in your life will you ever see them tag the brand that supplies them, or tag the brand that they bought the weed from or their edibles from. Like I feel like I’m one of the first female musicians to even do anything like that.

RMR: So here at RMR we do a lot of cannabis reviews. Since I can’t access your product because I’m not in California, what is that flavor like? And what is the high that comes along with it? Cause it’s its own strain, right? The Cakes strain?

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Lil Debbie: Yes, it is. So it’s like a vanilla cake with a vanilla frosting in it but the frosting is like a pink color on the inside. I do edible bites, and then I do a full twinkie. So the full twinkie is 150mg and the bites, there’s three bites so that’s 150 divided by 3.

And the reason why I did that is because as somebody that eats cakes and like twinkies and shit like that, nobody wants to eat half a twinkie and then put it back and be like, “Oh I’m gonna eat the other half in like three hours.” You know what I’m saying? I made it for somebody that wants to demolish 150mg, and then I made cake bites for people that want to self dose. The high that comes with it, it gets you high but I wanted to make sure to make a product that didn’t fully kill you. You know what I’m saying?

RMR: Yeah, you still want to function.

Lil Debbie: I have that problem. I’ll eat a whole edible and like, wake up with the driest mouth I’ve ever had in my fucking life. I just tried to make something light, but not too light because I want people to feel the high.

RMR: It’s an indica dominant, isn’t it?

Lil Debbie: Yes.

RMR: Once you are at that level though, do you reach for a normal little debbie snack, or what is your go to munchie?

Lil Debbie: Oooohhh my go to munchie? Dang, right now I’m on like a hot Funyons kick. I really like spicy stuff. I’m all over the place when I’m high. I want something savory, then I want something sweet, and then I want something sour, and then I want something sweet again. 

RMR: So just a never ending buffet of whatever you could possibly imagine.

Lil Debbie: Exactly, I’m that bitch. Like I can’t control it, it’s just spur of the moment.

Lil Debbie Live At The Nectar Lounge