Over the last 6 months, Lil Mosey has blown the fuck up out of Seattle. The 15-year-old rapper hailing from Mountlake Terrace was thrust into the limelight with the success of his music video ‘Pull Up.’ The video was actually the highest shared video on our website ever and quickly followed by the Worldstar Hip-hop premiered ‘Boof Pack.’

After just two videos, a star was born. Shortly after each video caught a few million views, Mosey was on his way to SXSW, Rolling Loud, and back to back nationwide tours. Mosey has become the biggest rapper to come out of Seattle in the last decade sans Macklemore. It’s been a blessing to watch a young talent make nationwide noise out of the Pacific Northwest in a lane we’ve never seen. Recently on No Jumper, Mosey was asked about Seattle music and he had the following to say.

“The music…I’m really the only n**** lit out there, but other than that…there isn’t nothing going on in Seattle.”

“If you want the smoke come to Seattle. We got the loud pack…thats the only thing Seattle is really good for. There’s hoes out there and there’s loud out there.”

I’ve already seen some commotion on Facebook talking about bro being “done.” While I do take offense to the fact he shitted on Seattle like that, Mosey is far from “done.” He’s one of the hottest artists in the game and didn’t come up with any love out of Seattle, so why would he need the struggle rappers of the region to be successful? This kid is in a lane Seattle has never seen and popping on a level we’ve never reached. The new wave is in full effect and Mosey is getting thrust onto every platform imaginable, and he’s repping Seattle the whole way. It’s sad he doesn’t have much to say about the city past hoes and loud, but is there truly an artist that’s doing numbers AND sounds like something Mosey would listen to?

Jake One is the hip-hop gawd of the PNW but I don’t expect Mosey to even know who that is let alone be a fan. As much as I want to say the new generation needs to respect and show love to the elders that paved the way before them, no one has paved the way for Mosey in his sound besides Kari Kash (RIP). I may be speaking out of the side of my neck, but I understand where bro is coming from.

I’m disappointed Lil Mosey didn’t have more positive things to say about Seattle but at the end of the day, his career is a positive for Seattle. This type of talk is nothing new, I was watching IG live while Mosey was on tour and his camp was very vocal about the city not being represented properly and that Macklemore isn’t the wave for Seattle. He’s hitting all of the platforms and going to get some eyes looking to whats next up here. It’s local artists jobs to get their music ready and grab that attention.

What do y’all think?

Lil Mosey Exposed (No Jumper)