Last Thursday, Nevada artist Lil Tyan released his EP Tytanic to all platforms. The EP comes with production from upcoming producers such as Hollow, Brian Spencer, Tayo Fetti, and more. Including popular Tytan tracks such as “Drank,” “Horror Movie,” and “Whiplash,” Tytan continues to expand the groove he falls in with his music. As his first project release of 2020, Tytan sets the standard for what he has come throughout 2020.

The tracks on “Tytanic” flow with the first and last tracks are opposites in terms of mood and energy. Track one, “Walking Paradox,” produces some of the most intense, aggressive, and hype energy of any song on the EP. This is largely credited to the production of Brian Spencer, who is known for his heavy trap metal guitar melodies and percussion.

In contrast,” Drank” is arguably the most relaxed and happy song on the project. With production from Postman, the mood of this track is opposite to the production of Brian Spencer in the first half of the EP.

Tracks one and seven represent opposite ends of a spectrum of the energy and moods the songs on the EP produce. In the middle, track four, “Charged Up,” harnesses a perfect balance between both ends of this spectrum.

This balance creates a smooth transition between music with higher, more aggressive energy to lower and more relaxing and happy energy. Maybe these transitions from higher to lower energies are a reference to the title of the EP, Tytanic.

Lil Tytan is a hip-hop artist hailing from Henderson, Nevada, who’s been making moves expanding his platform and his collaborations with other artists. Tytan has been on a mission to perfect himself as a musician working with some of the hardest upcoming artists and producers.

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Though Tytan has no vocal features on this EP, he does have some great productions from some notable upcoming producers. In addition to some new collaborations that we haven’t seen before.

One prominent name on Tytanic is Brian Spencer, who produced tracks “Walking Paradox” and “Horror Movie.” Though these are their first released collaborations, they’ve both been working on more music together, according to their social media.

Brian is an upcoming producer known for his versatility as a producer and guitarist. In addition, he’s also known for his collaborations with artists like Zillakami, Lil Gnar, Lucifena, and more. Brian’s production on tracks one and two fuels the hype and aggressive energy of the first half of the EP.

As his third EP and first project release of 2020, Tytan is pushing the boundaries some have tried to put him in as an artist. It’s apparent that Tytan has made great strides in developing his sound. He’s creating music with a spectrum of different moods and energy that all flow cohesively in a diverse seven-track EP.

Compared to his last EP, After Midnight, it’s clear his confidence with his vocals is advancing. However, some could say the newfound energy in this EP better translates what Tytan is trying to get across. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear Lil Tytan is making progress and honing in on the quality of music he aspires to produce.

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