Leave it to Lil’ Wayne to assist in normalizing deepfakes by releasing a music video for “Big Worm.” Directed by Ray Kay, the video is rather simple, allowing the impressive technology to shine. The clip, which finds Lil’ Wayne morphing into versions of himself, is a sight to see for many reasons. First of all, it’s a testament to the very peculiar hair journey Lil’ Wayne has had. Second, and most impressive of all – it’s an extraordinary technological feat.

Lil' Wayne Deepfake Video

Lil’ Wayne in the “Big Worm” music video | Source: YouTube

Starting with a young Lil’ Wayne circa his 1999 debut Tha Block Is Hot. The transformative evolution continues with 2004’s Tha Carter, 2005’s Tha Carter II, 2008’s Tha Carter III, and his most recent Funeral era. One could say he increasingly became more interesting looking over time. With the help of what can only be described as deepfake video technology, editors altered his face and hairstyles. This tech is not new and has gained social acceptance, being adopted in Hollywood blockbusters and apps like FaceTune.

Lil’ Wayne – Big Worm Music Video

Rolling in the Deepfake

What goes into creating videos like this, and what does a future with false moving visuals hold? The latest reports indicate that deepfakes are infiltrating social media at a rapid rate. TikTok has even had to ban deepfakes to stop the spread of misinformation during the highly contentious US election. Recent developments also detail how deepfake software is gaining popularity to spoof audio.

James Welsh FaceTune Example

Taken from Influencer James Welsh’s Video about Video Face Filters

Once again using Hollywood for example, it’s not too early to assume that major studios will continue using the software. Disney’s documented usage of the software could come to fruition, and soon. It would be a plausible option for Black Panther considering the untimely and tragic passing of lead Chadwick Boseman.

Not to be a fear-monger, but just imagine a world where you cannot even trust the video being sent by a potential suitor. Talk about next-level catfishing. Not to mention, think of all of the gullible minds that will be misinformed by memes and disinformation. Get those filters ready, because you, and they, won’t be able to believe your eyes.

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